Friday, October 31, 2008

Review: Event Tinker Bell Sculpture

Yesterday, a pre-Halloween treat arrived .. Tinker Bell! I had only seen this sculpture via pictures but was just as pleased in person. Margi Wray did another fantastic job on Tinker Bell. You may recall, Margi sculpted the 2005 Disney Bank One Visa credit card exclusive of Tinker Bell from Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color.

Blithe Spirit is not only the 2008 Fall Event sculpture but also the first release in the Master Artist Series. In the most recent Sketches, there was an article on the origin of this sculpture and how it came to be. David Pacheco's newest design of Tinker Bell presents a popular character in a fresh situation. "The idea for this piece actually came about a while ago," Dave continues. "I had done a random sketch of Tinker Bell for another project and everyone I work with seemed to like it. It was a little more interpretive and something that wasn't taken directly from the film Peter Pan.

"Putting Tink on a leaf helps to show scale and the rich autumn colors really make her stand out. It makes a better statement than a green leaf which would have been too similar to her costume."

Comparing this Tinker Bell to previous releases, she is much larger both in body size and wings. There is a lot of detail and facial expression (she looks great at any angle) and like how Margi sculpted her bangs falling over her forehead. There is a lot of detail in the leaf and like the color palette that was used. Her wings are what strike you as different vs. previous releases, much longer and more of an arch. They appear more as fluttering, relaxed vs. previous releases where she either preening, rocking back and forth laughing or in flight.

Mary being a huge Tinker Bell fan, it was a no-brainer this one would be added to our collection :) I'd like to thank Pam at Cel-Ebration for locating one for me. Waiting too close to the event proved not a good choice in pre-ordering one, as most dealers sold out. Thanks Pam!


Babette said...

The piece blends well with the leaves on your mantle. Definitely a pretty fall themed piece to display.

Duckman said...

Thanks Babs! Very pleased with the setup and as you said, a perfectly fall-themed piece. Not sure where I'll display her after Thanksgiving as we begin to decorate for Christmas.

She could be my 2nd favorite Tink in the collection after Tink on the Mirror. Really like her facial expression.

Babette said...

To me, Visa Tink is the best one done! Captures how I remember her most, opening the Sunday nite TV show.

Duckman said...

Visa Tink is Mary's favorite also. Our least favorite is the Tink membership gift.

Behr said...

I really like the Visa Tink as well but my favorite is her on the block always has been and probably always will be. So Don why is the membership piece your least favorite? I really like her with the add on base.

Duckman said...

Tink on the Block was Mary's favorite until the Visa Tinker Bell. Not really sure why the Membership Tink is my least favorite, I think its more her facial expression. I renewed not to lose Charter status and didn't opt for the base. Haven't heard on display for years :(