Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Favorite of Recent 4th Qtr. Poll Results

The recent Favorite of the Recent 4th Quarter Poll has ended. The results are as follows:

45% -Signature Series: Alice Down the Rabbit Hole
32% - NLE: Orville, Bernard & Miss Bianca
23% -NLE: Mulan and her Father, Fa Zhou

I will leave the results up from this poll for a few days for anyone who wants to see/compare the final results. As with previous polls, Blogger results never add exactly to 100%, so the accountant in me recalculated the results based on the number of people who voted in each category to the total :)

Thanks again to all who participated!


Herc said...

I'm loving all of these and have preordered all. Love the parent and child pieces and Mulan and her father will make a great addition. I also love Orville. What a great job Ruben did. As for the Alice Sig Series, I just love it.

I can see both Orville and the Sig Series posing problems for displaying, but will take my chances. Then again, look at the new Pumpkin King piece as well as the Cindy Coach sig series and the BATB sig series (that base is huge).
Overall, love the fourth quarter. Lots of money to change hands.

Duckman said...

Hi Jeff,

Totally agree. A great quarter and nice way to end the year. Orville with Bernard and Miss Bianca is my favorite of the quarter and like the Signature piece much more than I anticipated. Mulan & Father is a very sweet piece and like you, like the parent/child pieces. Also both Mary & I are very intrigued by the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.

Looking forward to your review once you get a chance to unpack your Treehouse.