Saturday, October 11, 2008

Members Only Releases from The Jungle Book!

Part of the 2009 members only assortment were two releases from Disney's 1967 classic (and last film under Walt), The Jungle Book:

  • Members Only Limited Edition-Vultures
  • Villains Series-Shere Khan
  • The Vultures, rarely portrayed in any other medium mark not only their WDCC debut but the return of the Members Only Limited Edition. This Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,000, sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons will be made available in February, 2009.

    "Things Are Right Dead All Over" is plussed with pewter plant stalks and branches as well as the feathers on Flaps, Buzzie, Ziggy and Dizzy.

    After making his debut in 1998, Shere Khan makes his second appearance in the Walt Disney Classics Collection. For his debut in 1998, he was the Spring Event Sculpture. This time around, he is the 13th release in the very popular Villains Series.

    "Savage Sophisticate" is sculpted by Ruben Procopio and will be available from May 2009 thru March 2010.

    Special Update: Ruben has recently updated his blog with concept sketches of the upcoming Vultures, Shere Khan and the Evil Queen & Raven plus images of the upcoming sculpture of Orville, Bernard and Miss Bianca from The Rescuers and Shere Khan done in clay.

    This is not the first time that Ruben sculpted Orville, Bernard & Bianca. If you click on the concept drawing of Shere Khan at your left, you can view all these images (sculptures and concept drawings) plus read a funny anecdote when he sculpted the maquettes for The Rescuers Down Under.

    Below are two clips (courtesy of from The Jungle Book. The first clip features the Vultures and the second clip is an encounter between Shere Khan and Kaa:

    The Vultures

    Shere Khan & Kaa

The Jungle Book is ©Disney



The "Jungle Book" was the first movie I got to go downtown to see by myself as a kid. This is a long awaited addition to my collection. Since I only focus on "The Jungle Book" & "Snow White" it looks like a part-time job is in order for 2009 club additions alone!

Duckman said...

Hey Bigdisfan, welcome to the Blog. As I've mentioned many times, The Jungle Book was one of the few Disney films I saw growing up and a long-time favorite of mine.

You did get hit pretty hard with five (5) releases from the two films that you focus on. I myself am very excited about both the Vultures and Shere Khan being released from The Jungle Book.

Any specific comments on any of the pieces from those two films? Hoping that additional angle images will be available for the Evil Queen. I wouldn't mind seeing both a front and back angle of her.

Babette said...

Love the sketches and clay sculpt pictures at Ruben's site! It's always great to see the preproduction artwork to compare with the final finished pieces.

Duckman said...

Always look forward to Ruben sharing these images after the piece is announced, as you said Babs, to compare the pre-production artwork to the final finished sculpt.

Love the close-up of Bernard & Bianca. As I mentioned to Matthew at the Cafe, in the angle of the painted prototype image, you don't see the compact Miss Bianca is holding. I recall her with her compact, touching up as they were getting ready for take-off. Glad to see that was included.

From the concept drawings, was cool seeing the backview of the Vultures. Makes me even more anxious about this piece. Found interesting his quick draw for the upcoming Evil Queen & Raven as well, compared to the prototype image. Still wondering if the final sculpt will have a base??

MT Hammer said...
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