Friday, June 13, 2008

Third Quarter 2008!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is proud to announce an exciting line-up for Third Quarter 2008 including the much requested Blossom Fairy from Fantasia and a new Christmas Series from Mickey’s Christmas Carol!

The announcement also included two releases for Fourth Quarter 2008, the Fall Premiere Event sculpture and First Release in the new Disney Artist Series (Tinker Bell) plus a special anniversary release from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring Pumpkin King Jack and the Behemoth.

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Jason S. said...

Awesome presentation as always, Don. Wonderful news about Mickey's Christmas Carol being a new series, as well. Can't wait till you can get more angles to help showcase this great new quarter (okay, technically the Pumpkin King does have some already).

Would love to hear some more about this new Disney Artist Series. How are the artists being chosen? In being honored, do they design the piece themselves or does it come from an actual film moment?

Just happy to see collectors across the spectrum excited with these newly unveiled pieces.