Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mickey's Christmas Carol: A New Holiday Series!

Bah, humbug! That’s Ebenezer Scrooge’s not-so-jolly attitude toward the holidays—and seeing as it’s mega-miser Scrooge McDuck who’sportraying his tight-fisted namesake, this is one skinflint you can count on to count Christmas out. Luckily this classic counting house scene includes Donald Duck as nephew Fred and Mickey Mouse himself as timid clerk Bob Cratchit, just as they appear in Disney’s 1983 AcademyAward®–nominated featurette.

Mickey ("Earnest Employee"), Donald ("Festive Fellow") and Scrooge ("Mirthless Miser") are the first releases in this series. The next release in this series is scheduled for next year. The complete scene was sculpted by Ruben Procopio and scheduled for a July, 2008 release.

Mickey's Christmas Carol is an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, featuring Scrooge McDuck as his namesake and inspiration Ebenezer Scrooge and Mickey Mouse as Bob Cratchit. This film was based on a 1972 audio musical entitled Disney's A Christmas Carol. Mickey's Christmas Carol was the first new Mickey Mouse cartoon made in 30 years after The Simple Things.

Below is a short clip (courtesy of showing the classic counting house scene featuring Mickey, Donald and Scrooge:

Mickey's Christmas Carol is ©Disney


Behr said...

So happy to see a new Holiday series being released. Its great! Thanks WDCC. Hope we see ALL the pieces from this one!

Duckman said...

Hi Geoffrey,

It was very odd not having a Christmas-themed release in 2007. Glad to see its return in 2008.

Response to Mickey's Christmas Carol has been quite good and nice to know this is the first release from that short and more are too follow.

I'd like to see Rat & Mole added to work with the Parkwest/NALED release of Scrooge in 2000. I'd like to see them as a boxed set with a Lamppost Accessory.

Goofy as Marley and the Three Ghosts (Jiminy Cricket, Willie the Giant and Pete), I'd also like to see done. In both cases, would mean the addition of another Scrooge if done as a scene. Will be interesting to see how these characters will be released if planned as part of the series.

I'd love to see the Party at Fezziwig's done. So many great characters to pull from.

Bob said...

We just received the new Mickeys Christmas Carol pieces they are very well done. The detail of Mickey is amazing.The color of all three pieces seem to just jump out at you.Keeping my fingers crossed that they continue with additional pieces.

Duckman said...

Congratulations Bob & Toni! Glad to hear the actual sculpture do not disappoint.

I hope the scene does well and we see more pieces in the future. Am very curious in what direction they'll go, as far as what is slated for the next release in the series.

BTW, like your Jiminy Cricket icon :)