Monday, June 2, 2008

Bacchus & Jacchus Showing Up At Retailers!

Bacchus and Jacchus, a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 from Disney's animated classic Fantasia, is starting to arrive at retailers!

I'd like to thank my friend Matthew for taking pictures of his sculpture that arrived today to share with fellow collectors. Featured on this page is Bacchus and Jacchus with the Opening Title and the Dew Drop (2002 Numbered Limited Edition) and Autumn Fairy (1998 Members Only Numbered Limited Edition). All three sculptures were sculpted by Kent Melton. Great photo Matthew! Was envisioning Bacchus & Jacchus with the Centaurettes like the photo on the Presentation Page but really like how it looks with both the Fairy sculptures.

Matthew also shared two additional angles which can be viewed at the Cafe. Thanks Again Matthew!


Matthew said...

Thanks for posting the picture, Don.

Unfortunately I don't have the Centaurettes in my collection so I couldn't pose the duo with them.

In the photo I have Bacchus set up where I normally have the Frost Fairies displayed. He does look good there, but I plan to keep the segments of Fantasia separated and will put the Frost Fairies back in their spot.

For now, B&J will be displayed right next to my computer where they can bring a smile to my face!

Duckman said...

You're welcome Matthew!

As many know, not a huge Fantasia fan but a huge fan of Fantasia Gardens Mini-Golf at WDW.

My first Fantasia pieces were Ben Ali Gator and Hyacinth Hippo, mascots of Fantasia Gardens. I plan to add Bacchus and Jacchus as a post-trip souvenir of the fun times our gang had while there. Bacchus and Jacchus made for many great photo ops and like you, this piece will forever bring a smile to my face reminding me of great times with family and friends!

Herc said...

Love it. Can't wait to get them both. The sculpt is quite big, which is a good thing.

Thanks for the photo Matthew.

Matthew said...

You're welcome , Herc!

I loved the piece when announced, but love it even more in person.

Now will have to add some pieces to the "Pastoral Symphony" scene... would like to get cherubs and the Enchanted Places gazebo with miniature unicorn. (I didn't have a chance to add any of these pieces when they were originally released).

Babette said...

Great pictures Matthew! The cherubs are a great piece. I have them next to my small world mermaid. They almost like like they are swimming around seaweed next to her. I like the two of them together. Good luck finding your missing pieces!

Matthew said...

Thanks Babette!

Duckman said...

My Bacchus & Jacchus are on order, can't wait for their arrival and like you Matthew, am thinking of adding to the Pastoral Symphony as well. I'm leaning towards the Centaurettes, more specifically the Pink Centaurette. I think her colors would compliment Bacchus & Jacchus nicely. I like your idea of the Cherubs and Gazebo.

What I'd like to see added is the Zebra-Striped Centaurette. I've seen pins done of this character and she wasn't removed from the film as was Sunflower, so would really hope she could be considered for a future release. She'd make a stunning piece! JTDO.

Matthew said...

Don, I didn't realize there had been some pins done of the striped Centaurette. She would make a beautiful piece and I would welcome her!

Duckman said...

Hi Matthew,

Posted images of two of the pins of the Nubian (Zebra) Centaurette pins that I found on eBay at the Cafe.