Saturday, June 14, 2008

G' day Mates! - More from Australia!

Joining the Australian Boy and the Koala Bear from Down Under are the Kangaroo Mother with her Joey and the Platypus.

The latest additions to the It's a Small World Series have been the animals which are very nicely fleshing out the countries. We've seen Africa fleshed out with the Hippo ("Jungle Blossom") released in November, 2007 and the Zebra ("Jungle Percussion") scheduled for release this month.

With this latest release, we're now seeing Australia being fleshed out. The Australian Boy and Koala Bear in Tree Accessory ("G'day Mate!") were released in July, 2006 and will now be joined by the Kangaroo with Joey ("Motherly Marsupial") and the Platypus ("Outback Oddity") in September, 2008.

Will be interesting to see if the next release(s) from this series will be either new countries added or more countries fleshed out as we've seen with Africa and Australia.


Behr said...

Love the addition of the animals, I hope they keep up the trend and do more, more, more, it just so completes the human pieces!

Duckman said...

Hi Geoffrey,

I really like how the animals are fleshing out the attraction more.

Look forward to Jeff's thoughts/comments on the Zebra. I stopped with Brazil but do have Africa and am thinking of adding the Zebra to flesh out Africa more.

The Kangaroo and Platypus are tempting and having friends in Australia, would like to have that country represented. Unlike Michelle and Jeff, I only plan on doing one vs. three of the Platypus .. LOL!

We should campaign next for the Pink Panther looking animal with the Umbrella that Michelle took a photo of when we were at WDW.

Babs, what country was he located?