Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day to Chill :)

After two days in the park, planned a day to just chill. We made reservations at Kona Cafe and headed over there first thing this morning. Took the bus from OKW over to Magic Kingdom™ and then took the boat from Magic Kingdom™ to the Polynesian Resort. The weather has been on our side, another gorgeous day! Felt so good being out on the water.

We arrived at the Polynesian early, so spent some time at the pool and took advantage of the hammocks on the beach and relaxed for a bit before breakfast. Had to have the Tonga Toast. It's been a few years since I've had it and was every bit as good as I remembered. After breakfast, spent more time in the pool area and then took the monorail over to the Contemporary Resort to check on the construction of the proposed new DVC unit.

We then headed back to OKW to take in some pool time and catch a few rays before meeting Michelle and George for dinner at Narcoose's over at the Grand Floridian. Another group of dear friends who were to join us had to cancel their trip unexpectedly due to an illness in the family. Going through that myself a few weeks ago, knew exactly what they were going through. We very sorry they couldn't join us and want them to know our thoughts and prayers are with this at this time.

We met Michelle and George for dinner at 5:30pm and had another awesome dinner. Highly recommend the Crab Crusted Tile Fish and the Almond Crusted Cheesecake (inspired by The Year of a Million Dreams). Was a fun time and came back to OKW for some Limoncelo :) Another great day and hard to believe we've already been here 4 days. The time is going TOO, TOO fast!


Herc said...

And where was lunch and dinner? Dinner sounded good, just didn't know where you were.

Would love to spend a few days at the Polynesian. Haven't stayed there since 1998 right before the innaugral cruise of the Magic.

Hope you all are having fun. Sounds like you are.

Love the photos of the "Bay Lake Tower" as it is now being called. That walkway is pretty neat with the curve.

Keep enjoying your vacation and we'll keep reading and living it through you.

Duckman said...

Hi Jeff,

Since we had such a big breakfast at the Polynesian Resort, we skipped lunch. Dinner was at Narcoose's at the Grand Floridian. It was our first time there and highly recommend. Thanks Jimi for suggesting it!

We're thinking of a future trip using DVC for part and staying at the Polynesian for a portion as well. It's such a beautiful resort and we find ourselves spending more and more time there with each visit.

We're having a blast. It's going TOO fast!!! George is keeping us in stitches!

Having dinner tomorrow night at the California Grille. Plan on going out on the deck and getting more pictures. Love the name of the new tower! The photos don't capture the curve. Will try to get more, possibly from a higher level.