Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Six: Return to the Magic Kingdom

Today we switched over from a one-bedroom to studio to maximize our DVC points and make for a longer trip. Took care of all that first thing and while waiting for our new room to be ready, we headed over to Magic Kingdom for a few hours. Michelle and George opted for Disney's Animal Kingdomtoday, as Michelle needed to purchase her Pirate on the Archway Bridge. Aye Mateys!

Our good friend Terry (aka BK) came up from Clearwater to spend the day with us. You went beyond the call of duty my friend and remember, what happens at WDW, stays at WDW :) We decided on lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern. We've done dinner here many times but this was our first time to do lunch. You're probably thinking, is this all you guys do is eat? :) As I look at the pictures each night, I need to do more walking during the day .. LOL! Lunch was very good (had the Pilgrim's Feast of course) and actually preferred lunch over dinner. We've tired of the character breakfasts/dinners, so can see doing lunch vs. dinner here now. I finally got my Liberty Tree Tavern mug! I've been wanting to pick one of these up for the past view visits but didn't want to drag around the park. I have my Headless Horseman set displayed in my china cabinet and always thought this mug would look cool displayed with it.

Today was probably one of the hottest days since we've been here (no complaints though), so after lunch decided to take a ride on the Liberty Belle. I think I've only ridden this attraction once in all the years coming to WDW and it was a perfect choice on a day like today. As hot as it was, you felt a nice breeze as you went up and down the river. For photo buffs like myself, you see some unique angles of Thunder Mountain and the Haunted Mansion that you normally don't see when walking in the parks. I spent most of the time taking pictures, so need to revisit the attraction to actually relax and enjoy as I think it was actually intended :)

During lunch, we got a call our room was ready so decided to head back to the resort and get settled. On our way out, we caught the Main Street Family Fun Day Parade.

During Disney's Year of a Million Dreams, guests at Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park can participate in this fun event. The patriotic theme is divided into seven segments. Those who take part will be placed in one of these areas and then joined by Disney characters. After parading down Main Street in this red, white and blue celebration, everyone gathers around Town Square for a rousing, flag waving finale.

The parade is led off by Pluto who is joined by Clarabelle Cow, Chip 'n Dale, Daisy Duck and Horace Horsecollar. For me, it was great to see Clarabelle and Horace! After the parade, we headed back to the resort and unwind a little. After being in the heat, a cool glass of limoncello really hit the spot! :) before getting ready for tonight, dinner at the California Grill and attending the Pirates and Princess Party.


Matthew said...

So glad to hear that Clarabelle and Horace are out greeting their fans again! I love those two characters!

Duckman said...

Totally agree Matthew! Was great to see them both in the parade and they're both part of Opening of the Magic Kingdom each morning.