Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looking Back: 'Trick or Treat' with Lilo & Stitch

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Next to Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday, not to mention Fall being one of my favorite times of the year. This past weekend, we got out the Halloween decorations and always look forward to the WDCC Halloween releases that I only display seasonally

I was especially looking forward to this year, as I recently purchased the Haunted Mansion tombstones from Disney Shopping and wanted to work them into my set up featuring Vampire Stitch and Witch Lilo.

The Haunted Mansion tombstones, made of resin are sold as a three-pack (I purchased mine thru Disney Shopping) and very nicely done.  Very pleased with the decal, sizing and quality.  They worked in nicely with two resin tombstones I purchased a few years ago thru Target.

"Trick ..." (Stitch) "... or Treat" (Lilo), sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons were released in July, 2005 as Open Edition releases and retired in December, 2009.  The Halloween scene from Disney's Lilo and Stitch was a brief moment during the closing moments of the film.  Being a fan of both this film and Halloween, was very happy when the Walt Disney Classics Collection released these sculptures.  Patrick did a great job capturing both the essence of these characters and the holiday season.

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Mark Stephens said...

Great set up as always! I love this time of year. A special thank you for showing me those Haunted Mansion Tombstones. They are already sold out online but I have some of my Disney park friends working on it. I think they will go perfect with my Headless Horseman set. It's my favorite piece in the entire WDCC line, and this is the time of year it gets full display!

Duckman said...

Thanks Mark! My favorite time of year and next to Christmas, my favorite holiday.

You're welcome! Hopefully your friends will be able to find you a set. They're very nicely done and a great scene enhancement for the WDCC pieces. Hoping they do more in the future to go along with these.

I too think they will look great with the Headless Horseman set, one of my favorite sets as well. Will try to take some photos this weekend of them with the Headless Horseman set.