Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Looking Back: 'Lost Scene' Dancing Snow White & Prince

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The Walt Disney Classics Collection released the second of two 'lost scene' moments from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in March, 2006

The first was the Soup Scene (2000 Signature Series release) and another scene was deleted after the concept art phase.  The sequence was for the song "Someday My Prince Will Come." The artists had planned a fantasy scene where Snow White imagines herself waiting on a cloud when Prince Charming suddenly appears in a swan-shaped boat guided by cherub-like stars.  He steps out of the boat and onto the cloud where he dances with Snow White and the stars encircle them and shoot love arrows at them.  Finally, they kiss then together they climb into the swan boat and sail away.  

The song remained with Snow White sitting before the fire singing about her prince.  Without the clouds, stars, boat and Prince, we still see how she loves him and understand her desire to be reunited with him.

"A Dance Among the Stars" sculpted by Kent Melton was released as an Open Edition release capturing this deleted concept moment.  Snow White's veil and gown are plussed with opalescent paint. Her crown is painted with a shiny gold paint. 

This lost scene of Snow White and her Prince was profiled as part of the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Platinum DVD bonus features. The sequence was abandoned but was revisited in "Dance In The Clouds" in Sleeping Beauty.

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