Sunday, October 14, 2012

Looking Back: The Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane

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"When thundering hoofs echo through the darkness in the tiny valley of Sleepy Hollow, fearful farmers pull the covers over their heads.

The only man foolish enough to be on the roads on such a night is Ichabod Crane. But is that ghastly figure bearing down on the teacher a wrathful spirit -- or just a jealous prankster?"

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In my recent blog entry, fellow collector Mark mentioned displaying the Haunted Mansion tombstones with the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane set.  Honestly, had not thought about the tombstones with this set, so took some pictures yesterday and thought they worked really well. Hoping they do additional tombstones to display both with my Halloween Lilo and Stitch display and the Headless Horseman set.

This set is one I have displayed all year round.  One of the Walt Disney Classics Collection best releases.  In this set you have both an animated style horse and the sculpting of a life-like horse plus the look of utter fear in both Ichabod and his horse's face (and body expression) and true terror embodied by the Headless Horseman and his horse.

The Headless Horseman ("Haunting Horseman") and Ichabod and his Horse ("Terrified Teacher"), a NumberedLimited Edition (NLE) set of only 3,500, plussed with a stainless steel sword were sculpted by Kent Melton

Redemption forms were sent to active Walt Disney Collector Society members in July, 2000. Orders were taken on a first come-first serve basis. Sculptures began to ship in Fall, 2000.

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Mark Stephens said...

Well done! You know the leaves are what made me think of putting the tombstones with this set, and I think they match up very well. I just love these two pieces, they are stunning. The tombstones just add that something extra. I am still searching for a set, no luck yet! Thanks for posting these Don. Happy Halloween my friend. :)

Duckman said...

Happy Halloween to you too Mark! As mentioned in the blog post, would not have thought of the tombstones with these pieces unless you mentioned it.

The leaves at the base of the tombstones work perfectly with this set. Hope you're able to locate a set!