Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Planned for 1st Qtr. 2012? You Betcha!

Earlier today, the Walt Disney Classics Collection announced the following four releases for Winter 2012 (see blog entries below and/or click on link at left):
  • The Three Caballeros - NLE of 500 
  • Cinderella - NLE of 1,500 
  • Cinderella Whiteware - NLE of 200 (Gold Circle Exclusive 
  • Lady Tremaine - NLE of 500 (Villains Series)
The question was asked if this was all planned for 1st Quarter or could we expect more?

Received an email that there will be more upcoming releases announced (targeting January for the announcement) for additional first quarter releases including the Spring Premiere Event sculpture, a character making their debut in WDCC and more. WDCC/Enesco was ready to announce these now and did so to kick off 2012.


Justin Lopez said...

Thanks for looking into this! I am very excited to see the rest of the lineup. Hoping the focus will be on the classic films this year i.e. 101 Dalmatians.

Duckman said...

You're Welcome! Looking forward myself to see what will be included in the next phase of the announcement.

With the 20th Anniversary of the line this coming year, agree, would be nice to see a focus on the classic films (those films that Walt was personally involved in) plus nods to possibly the 1st releases in the line as they're doing with the upcoming Cinderella.