Thursday, September 15, 2011

WDCC Announces Fall 2011 Releases!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection announced today the Fall 2011 Releases!  This announcement included three (3) new releases from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

This latest announcement includes Mr. Hyde ("Macabre Madman") and the Cyclops ("Myopic Monster") plus Jack Skellington's House ("Surreal Estate").  

These two classic monsters join the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington and those two Nightmare Before Christmas favorites Undersea Gal and the Devil.

Jack Skellington's House, reminiscent of the Enchanted Places comes complete with real lights that flicker inside the windows!

Mr. Hyde and the Cyclops (sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons) and Jack Skellington's House (sculpted by Larry Nikolai) are Limited to Production Year 2011 and scheduled for a November 2011 release date.


Justin Lopez said...

I do not own any Nightmare Before Christmas pieces. I was hoping they'd release a new Jack piece. However, I will say I am definitely liking Mr. Hyde (his face and pose are appealing to me).

At first, I was disappointed in the small amount of releases for the fall. It does give me some time to pick up UP and Facillier though :) I am hoping they release at least the other pieces planned from "a major motion picture" by the end of the year.

I am also very excited to see what happens in 2012 with the anniversary going on! And here is to hoping we will hear news of the line continuing past 2012 in the next few months :) Thanks for posting the pictures so quickly! :)

Duckman said...

Hi Justin,

You're Welcome! Hopefully we'll have some additional angles made available.

I too have not purchased anything from Nightmare Before Christmas to date but very intrigued by Jack Skellington's House. Look forward to seeing this one in person.

Hoping these pieces might be available for preview at Gallery of the Lakes upcoming signing event with Dusty Horner next month.

I'm kinda relieved a light quarter and not a film I collect, as it's been both a great and expensive year.

I too am looking forward to what is planned for next year, if anything special made available for the 20th Anniversary and given 2012 is when the current contract ends, we hear something soon for the line beyond that point!

Disney Showcase Key said...

The House of Jack reminds me of the Maleficent castle :).
Those are interesting releases.I don't own a NBC Wdcc yet, but I rather think I would start by Jack Himself.
Thanks for the information, I'll post about it this evening on my blog too ;) .
By the way, it's quite late to announce the 2011 fall releases, don't you think so ?

Duckman said...

You're Welcome! It reminded me also of Maleficent's Castle, with the added feature of lights (albeit no sound), another cool release.

I like that we're still seeing Enchanted Places, though no longer officially called that.

Fall season is Sept. 21-Dec. 21, so the release date of the pieces fall (pardon the pun) correctly. I think many were expecting a late August/earlier September for the announcement. Hope this helps.

kissynose said...

Traci from Enesco sent me this email when I asked about releases for the rest of the year

These are the pieces we are ready to announce at this time and they will be arriving during this calendar year.  We plan to announce a few more pieces however we do not have confirmation on in-store ship dates yet (could be end of this year or early next year) and we didn't want to hold the announcement of the Nightmare pieces any longer while we wait for photo samples and production schedule confirmation on the other sculptures.

Best Regards


Duckman said...

Thanks for the update Brian! Very much appreciated.

Looks like we could see a few more pieces added to the announcement!

every1lovesjoey said...

You made my day by posting this info! I am so happy to see the Nightmare Before Christmas releases. I still think they should do a piece with Sandy Claws! I am still happy that I will have some more pieces to add to my collection. Thank you!

Duckman said...

You're Welcome Joey! The Nightmare Before Christmas releases seem to be quite popular with collectors. I know Sandy Claws is one I've heard mentioned many times by collectors wanting to see done. Hopefully it will be part of a future announcement!