Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Evil Witch is Making Her Way to Retailers!

The latest release from the Summer 2011 Announcement, the Evil Witch from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is making her way to retailers!

Disguised as an old peddler woman, the sinister Queen stealthily steers her boat through the tall reeds of the swampy water. The epitome of evil, this wicked witch has a precious but poisonous cargo aboard: a cursed apple intended to destroy innocent Snow White. 

Of this striking scene animation historian Al Kilgore declared that, “the Witch’s trip from her castle to the forest in the fog-shrouded dawn is the most underrated scene in the entire film. It is the most subtle use of multiplane, color, and realistic animation.” 

A truly dramatic sculpture, this powerfully crafted piece (plussed with a pewter basket handle, pewter hands, wooden oar and resin reeds), conveys the darkness of animation’s most wicked villain, as well as the passion and grandeur of Walt Disney’s first full-length animated masterpiece.

"Poisonous Plot" sculpted by Ruben Procopio is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750 and measures 7-1/2” H x 13-7/8” L x 7-5/8” W (at widest point).

Below are some photos that Ruben Procopio posted on his blog, Masked Avenger Studios.  Please click on each image for a larger view.  Thanks Ruben!



Matthew said...

This is one awesome piece, Don. I really love the environment that Ruben provided for the boat and witch.

It's great how all of these pieces have been arriving right after each other! Since early this year, WDCC has had releases every month! Now there's only two announced pieces left on the calendar, the Caretaker (theme park event) and Grumpy! Wonder what the calendar holds next! :-)


A Snow White Sanctum said...

That was a long time coming...but worth the wait! She rocks!

kissynose said...

This is the most recent update I received from Enesco

Hello Brian,

We're still working on the Fall Announcement.  There were a couple of pieces delayed that we needed photography to include and we're still working on the delivery timing so we can give estimates when the pieces are announced.  The materials are still being developed and then will need to be approved by Disney so it will be a bit yet before we announce more.  Meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying the Summer releases.  You should start seeing Carl & Russell and the Witch soon (we've just received the first of several shipments) and of course the Grumpy Fall Event will take place in October.

Best Regards,

Duckman said...

Matthew - With the holiday weekend, mine should be arriving on Tuesday, can't wait!

Ruben did an awesome job! Love all the detail and the environment of the boat, reeds and water really adds to this piece!

Snow White - Definitely worth the wait! Haven't seen in person but understand she's more comparable in size to the event Witch. Love the detail of her face and bony elbow!

Brian - Thanks for sharing the update! It appears we may have a little wait for the next announcement. No complaints, it's been a banner year and my poor wallet can you use a break! LOL!

Herc said...

Don, I have to tell you that Ruben has outdone himself with this sculpture. She is pure evil. Glad Traci responded with the news of the next quarter's announcement. Nice to know that one is coming. Like you, my wallet needs a break, too. I'm down to just waiting on Grumpy.
Here's hoping that there are wonderful pieces for the next quarter. With the sculptures that have been delivered this year, it will no doubt be a banner quarter.

Duckman said...

Hey Jeff,

Mine arrived on Wednesday. Was expecting her on Tuesday but with the holidays, arrived a day later than I thought.

Wow! What an amazing sculpture! Love all the environment around her. Great detail in her face. Perfect timing on her arrival with fall & Halloween approaching!

Kudos to Ruben & WDCC!

jmbunkyjr said...

Got mine 2 weeks ago from the gallery. The box was huge! lol Kristen thought I bought a bunch of stuff! It's awesome! I love it! I have it next to the log signature piece right now.


Duckman said...

Hey Jimi,

That box was huge! I expected the outer shipping carton to be large, knowing each sculpture was packaged separately but was not expecting the actual green box to be the size it was! LOL! Now to find a place to store the box!

It truly is an awesome piece! Your set up sounds really cool! I finally got mine behind glass this weekend, have it displayed on shelf in the china cabinet. Have about 3rd shelf down, so the way the light hits it, gives it an ominous look/feel.

Really like all the detail in this piece. Find myself stopping and studying each time I pass it.

Chadwick Land said...

This is one of those occassions where the photo played with the demensions of the piece. The water base looks larger in person and the witch looks smaller. The face is amazing with all the detailed uglyness.