Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Enter the Zone!

Check out my latest article at WDW Fan Zone ... Insuring Your Collection.

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Disney Showcase Key said...

It's a very interesting article.
I've never thought of that system. But, I used to list all my items, which of course does not represent insurance. As you say, a colllection can have a real value... I try not to think about the terrible event that it would be if it were to be destroyed.
What a nightmare for a Disney collector and fan!

Thank you for this informations :) .

Duckman said...

You're quite welcome.

I think insuring your collection is something that many don't think of and highly recommend. As you said, you try not to think of anything terrible happening but having the insurance gives you a little piece of mind.

Like anything, when you have it, most likely you'll never need it but its a comforting feeling knowing you do.

jmbunkyjr said...

Also all insurance companies handle it different. Allstate for example where mine is at wants original bills of sale. This is the worth. They won't go by say Don's site (sorry buddy!) or ebay averages, or even if a bill of worth came from a dealer. They want original sales worth at time of purchase. Sucks for those crazy hard to replace pieces that you might end up paying for to replace from when you bought them but at least you are somewhat protected.

I only have my signature series pieces along with the impossible to replace stuff insured right now. When I moved to my new house I had everything insured for the move and the storage till I got em in the curio's and then changed it to what is insured now.

I can also add stuff on the fly say if I was going to a sighing so I'm covered in case it breaks in shipping or gets stolen by some crazy reason.

They are real good about that.

I like Allstate cause it is a fluid document pretty much.

Just what I have learned over the years.

And alos I'm insured thanks to Don. He is the one who got me to get the ball rolling so many years ago!

And I think him for that!


kissynose said...

My insurance company doesn't cover me at all. What other options do I have? Any recommendations?

Jason S. said...

I've been covered with for years, and I've never had a problem the few times I've put in claims for accidental breakages. You don't have to give them specifics regarding every single piece you wish to cover, just more of a general idea of what you have; I believe you only have to be specific if a single piece is valued at $5,000 or more.