Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review: Comic Book Companions

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Yesterday I received "Comic Book Companions" the fourth release in the Classic Comics Series featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Sculpted by Bruce Lau, I thought Bruce did a great job in taking a 2D illustration and translating into a 3D sculpture.  The sculpture (at least to me) has a more comic feel vs. animated film or sheet feel/look to it and he replicated the comic book cover spot on!

When the sculpture was announced, two images were made available (a front and back view) and what you didn't see in those images (which hopefully the pictures below convey) is how Bruce sculpted Mickey's posture in reading the comic with Donald.  You'll notice, Mickey is leaning in, reading over Donald's shoulder.
Typically, Mickey's tail is plussed with pewter or metal but in this case, given it's laying on the rug, is sculpted as part of the sculpture. The rug has a braided effect to it with a subtle pink hue.  In the photos, the flash makes it more prominent vs. in person.

"Comic Book Companions" is Limited to Production Year 2011.  Below are some additional angles (please click on each image for a larger view).  


Matthew said...

Really do appreciate all the extra angles, Don. Thanks!

Duckman said...

You're Welcome Matthew!

Herc said...

Haven't received mine yet so hopefully will have a package tonight. If not, I'll give Ray a call. Didn't receive Allan-a-Dale yet either so maybe he's waiting to send both. Thanks Don for the pix. Love the way the tail on Mickey is part of the base instead of rigid by using metal wire.

Duckman said...

You're welcome Jeff! Yes, I also like how they handled the tail in this piece. Fits the overall feel of it. Agree, would have been too rigid if plussed with a metal tail.

Hopefully your packages arrived and look forward to your review on both.