Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First of Summer 2011 Arriving at Retailers!

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The first of the Summer 2011 Releases from the Walt Disney Classics Collection are starting to arrive at retailers!

The first to arrive is Brer Bear from The Song of South joining Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox.  

Galumphing and a bit bumbling, Brer Bear is Brer Fox’s bosom buddy, so when the crafty fox is ready to roast Brer Rabbit for dinner, the burly big guy is more than ready to dig in. 

"The charm of animation is simplicity and pantomime,” noted Eric Larson, one of the animal trio’s directing animators. “Where could you find three more clearly defined characters getting into strange predicaments than in [the tales of Brer Rabbit]? The characters were especially fun to animate because they showed a lot of thinking going on behind them.” 

Brer Bear (plussed with a pewter knife and fork) completes this classic scene between the clever rabbit, the sly fox and the dim-witted bruin, showing the rich and colorful chemistry Walt Disney and his artists crafted for the “three Brers.”

"A Hankering for Hare" sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons is Limited to Production Year 2011.

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Brer Rabbit ("Cooking Up a Plan") and Brer Fox ("Last Laugh"), a two-piece box set, sculpted by Ruben Procopio were Limited to Production Year 2010 and began arriving at retailers just in time for Christmas in mid-December, 2010.  

These fun-filled sculptures are plussed with a bronze fork and pewter neck on Brer Fox and a pewter pole for Brer Rabbit.


Bob said...

Received our Brer Brer today from GOL. What great piece!!! Patrick did such a fabulous job. Love his eyes.
Perfect fit with Brer Rabbit & Brer Fox that Rubin sculpted.
They make a great SCENE displayed together.
What a great year so far! Thanks to WDCC, Ruben & Patrick. All we need now is the society back.....hint, hint.....
Can't wait too see what else WDCC has in store for us for the remainder of the year!!!!!!!!

Matthew said...

I'll totally agree with Bob... Brer Bear is terrific, and he really makes this such a great SCENE! (Yes, just because pieces are released at different times, doesn't mean they can't be scenes! LOL)
It's been so long since I've actually seen SOTS, so this trio is really a remembrance for me of the Splash Mountain attraction. So I'd also love to see Brer Frog and Mr. Bluebird!
Thanks for another hit WDCC!

Duckman said...

Bob & Matthew - Thanks to you both for your review. I know these are quite helpful to those who don't have the opportunity to see in person.

This turned out to be such an amazing set and let me give another shout out to Ruben & Patrick for doing such a fantastic job with these characters!

I personally prefer this new scene to the original (which I have) and if space wasn't a premium, I would opt for this version of them.

Agree with you Matthew, reminds me a lot of the theme park attraction, which holds such great memories for me.

I second that Bob, it's been a great year for WDCC, looking forward to what's on the horizon and nothing would please me more than seeing the return of the Walt Disney Collectors Society!!

Matthew said...

If I had only one wish for Christmas this year, Don, it would be for news of the return of the Society. I really miss it!