Thursday, June 16, 2011

More from Spring 2011 Releases Arriving at Retailers!

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The Spring 2011 releases started to arrive in April and this week we're seeing four more from that announcement starting to arrive at retailers!
Allan-a-Dale, a rhyming rhythmic rooster is a minstrel, and that is, as he explains himself…”an early folk singer, and my job is to tell it like it is…or was…or whatever”. Naturally, this plucky minstrel is on hand to sing out the joyful news in his own laid-back way.

Sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales, he is plussed with bronze legs and wire lute strings.  Allan-A-Dale is Limited to Production Year 2011.

Knowing the star of Pinocchio had to be appealing, Walt Disney directed his artists to “win the audience to the little guy.” The lovable living puppet was enhanced with vocal artist Dickie Jones, who Walt said, had a “typical nice boy’s voice.”
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Walt also created a cricket sidekick, but reported, “At first we made Jiminy sort of a pompous fellow – kind of a windbag,” but voice artist Cliff Edwards’ performance had “so much life and fun in it that we altered the character to conform to the voice. Thus Jiminy comes to the screen... lively and full of quips.”

Jiminy (the cricket-sized sculpture is bronze) wants the
little woodenhead to call on him any time, so as the little conscience cheerfully chirps, all Pinocchio needs to do is give a little whistle.

Sculpted by Bruce Lau, Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket are a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.

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Celebrating 70 years of publication in 2010, Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories is one of the best-selling and longest-lived comic books ever, and this fun-filled anthology of multi-paneled Disney delights has featured many unforgettable covers over the years.Attributed to veteran artist Carl Buettner, the famous cover art from issue number 33, June 1943, features Mickey favorite: the infinity cover, in which characters read a comic cover picturing them reading a cover that pictures them reading that cover, and so on, into infinity.

Sculpted by Bruce Lau is an irresistible sculpture artfully celebrating Disney’s flagship comic book—still published today—while also spotlighting two of the greatest starsfrom its pages.  Comic Book Companions is Limited to Production Year 2011.

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Proud of her brand-new license tag—shiny symbol of her happy domesticity—this pampered pedigreed pooch is anything but spoiled, for she has a personality so loving it took three different real-life dogs to inspire it: an adorable puppy newlywed Walt presented to his bride Lillian in 1925; story artist Joe Grant’s own affectionate cocker spaniel Jennie; and another beautiful cocker spaniel named Blondie who belonged to Lady and the Tramp co-director Ham Luske.

Plussed with a charming pewter license tag on her collar and sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales, Lady is an Open Edition release. 


Matthew said...

Great news that more releases are here! So glad that things seem to be getting back to normal on the release schedule.
Does that leave only Belle for the spring releases, Don?

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Yes Matthew, it looks like things are back on track! I believe Allan-A-Dale is arriving earlier than guestimated.

Yes, Belle is the last of the Spring 2011 releases to arrive and sounds like she should be here by the 1st of next month along with one of the Summer 2011 releases. Really looking forward to seeing Belle in person!

Chadwick Land said...

I look forward to reviews and photos. I have two questions. Any news if Lady will have other pieces added to her? Is this from early in the film or latter? I leave this to Disney experts like you to answer. OK. I have more questions. Pinocchio makes a good companion piece to the recent Dumbo. In fact, they seem to be doing lots of big/small friend pieces lately (Frog Prince included). Anymore likely big/small duos on the radar?

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hi Chadwick,

Haven't heard at this time if Lady will have any other pieces added to go with her. I believe that moment is when she meets Jim on the porch and given we really don't see what he and Darling look like 100%, would be curious if they would do him or not. Could make a nice companion piece for her.

Another piece that could fall into that category too would be Grandma Fa and Crickee. Haven't heard if any other big/small duos are in the works but like your suggestion in pairing both the Pinocchio and Dumbo sculptures together for display purposes.

Bob said...

We came home tonight to a package on the front porch from GOL. the package had Pinocchio & Jiminy, Lady and Allan-A-Dale.
WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pinocchio & Jiminy is over the top fabulous!!!!! Size I think is perfect, his crossed eyes are so darn cute, this feature in my opinion really brings life to the piece. Bruce really knocked it out of the park with this one( I may be a little bias with this one as Pinocchio is one of my favorite films & Jiminy my favorite character)
Allan-A-Dale is dead nuts on and will fit well with the rest of the Robin Hood scene. I was on the fence with Lady but
so glad we got her as we only have her in the Bella Notte
scene and again in my opinion this is one of the best of
Lady to date. Jacqueline did a great job with both pieces.

Its so nice to see green boxes in quanity again.
Thank you WDCC for a great year so far!!!!!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Congratulations Bob! Thanks for your review of all three pieces. I know this is quite helpful for those who have to rely on images when making a decision and/or on the fence.

I didn't do the three you mentioned. I was on the fence regarding Pinocchio & Jiminy based on how the eyes looked in photos, so really appreciated your review on this one. Look forward to seeing in person, then will make a decision at that point.

Even with a new curio, so bummed I am unable still to display my Robin Hood pieces. Due to lack of display space, passed on both Allan-A-Dale and Friar Tuck and hope (like doing on Scat Cat from The Aristocats which I now have room to display) don't regret down the line passing on both these pieces as I'm sure they're going to become difficult to find given their limited production life.