Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review: WDCC Nephews & Tree

I think since the blog started, this might be the first time one topic has been the topic of discussion in new blog entries three days in a row :)

I personally have been anticipating this release since seeing the production sample while at Gallery of the Lakes this past November. It finally arrived today and the final sculpt did not disappoint!

So much attention to detail was put into this sculpture.  Notice each Toy Soldier and Gingerbread Man is painted painstakingly perfect, you can see the detail in each and every one.  Love the 'hand off' in the image above!

Click on each image for a larger view to truly appreciate all the detail in this amazing sculpture!  Now if WDCC would only add Mr. Toad as Fezziwig.  Sorry, can't miss an opportunity to campaign :)

A different angle than the two we've previously seen.

The partitioned ornament boxes on the floor bring back memories of decorating the tree growing up, as all the ornaments were packaged in this type of box.

 Like the detailing of the floor, how the hardwood effect was accomplished and hard to tell from the photo but the way in which the stool was painted, has an aged/worn wood tone to it.

 Close up of the floor and stool.

Back view of the 'hand off'.

"Holiday Helpers" sculpted by Ruben Procopio is Limited to Production Year 2010. The Christmas Tree is plussed with pewter and miniature ornaments.


jmbunkyjr said...

got mine yesterday! the tree is crazy! cool. the L&T tree is awesome from years ago, but this one blows it's away! It looks so much more like a real tree with the texture. just awesome! lots of little things going on when you look it over too. the boxes of ornaments and all the little soldiers.

i know the economy is bad and all, but if Disney can just do 3-4 pieces like this each year it would just be wonderful. I think this is the WDCC of years past. JMO


PS first post baby! that's a first for me Don!

Matthew said...

This is such a wonderful piece with excellent detail! I love the joy on the middle duck (Dewey?)...
These "in the wild" photos really help those of us that cannot see the pieces in person before deciding whether to purchase!

I would love Fezziwig! But can I also campaign for Willie as the Ghost of Christmas Present? LOL

Thanks for this post, Don.

Herc said...

Hey Don,
I hope that anyone that is slightly interested in this piece quickly goes out to their dealer and purchases it. Nobody will be disappointed in this piece. The detail that Ruben painstakenly put in is noticed everywhere. You're right about the detail on the soldiers and gingerbread, unbelievable. And Don, the ornament boxes are the same type I had as a child also. Move over Marley's Ghost, Jeff has a new favorite from Mickey's Christmas Carol.
A wonderful addition to this already fantastic collection. I think this is the best of 2010 yearly pieces and second only to the Dwarfs on the Log from 2009.
I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas this year!! LOL

Jason S. said...

Wonderful images and review, Don! I've been hearing so many great things about this piece since the GOL preview, I can't wait to check it out myself when mine arrives next week. The detailing just looks so phenomenal!

Really hope we do see this scene expanded upon with Fezziwig; who doesn't remember that character from the Christmas Carol story? Seems natural to add him to this scene. I wouldn't turn down a young Scrooge either or even some additional partygoers (okay, that's an extreme longshot, but we could get a Grandma Duck that way)

And yep, Matthew, Willie is a must; hard to imagine them even skipping the addition of him to this series. Just do him surrounded by food with a miniature Scrooge for scale.

Duckman said...

Jimi, Matthew, Jeff and Jason - Thanks first for the kind words on both the review and images, Very much appreciated!

The tree is amazing! As Jimi said, there is so much going on with this sculpture its too bad there isn't a rotating riser large enough for this piece.

So much detail and very obvious that no corners were cut! This piece, yes might be out of season as far as its arrival but was 100% worth the wait!

Given the current economy and seeing so many collectible lines (not to mention retailers) gone, we're quite lucky not only WDCC is still around but consistently they're still putting out a top notch product! We may have had to wait a bit longer than we wanted for the 2010 releases but you can't deny that each and every piece was top notch quality!

Jeff, Scrooge & Marley (until now) was my favorite of the Mickey's Christmas Carol Series but got bumped for Nephews and Trees too! Hate to rush summer after waiting so patiently for it after the winter we've had but anxious for the holiday season this year to finally display it properly and hoping we see Fezziwig in a future announcement!

Matthew & Jason, all excellent suggestions for future releases in this amazing series .. Willie as the Ghost of Christmas Present and would be so awesome to see them add Grandma Duck!

Jason, hope you check back in once yours arrives and share your thoughts after seeeing the sculpt in person!