Monday, April 25, 2011

New WDCC Arrivals Arriving at Retailers This Week!

The much anticipated Nephews & Tree featuring Huey, Dewey & Louie with the Christmas Tree has started to arrive at retailers!

"Holiday Helpers" sculpted by Ruben Procopio is Limited to Production Year 2010. The Christmas Tree is plussed with pewter and miniature ornaments.

When we saw this sculpture this past November, we were all amazed by the attention paid to detail on this sculpture from the ornaments (gingerbread men and toy soldiers) to the box holding the ornaments. It was a real nostalgic touch for many!

Also arriving is the first of the Spring 2011 releases .. Naveen on Balcony.  

"Kissing Would be Nice, Yes?",  Limited to Production Year 2011 is plussed with ornate pewter replicating the animated classic’s New Orleans style architectural grace, this charming resin balcony detail complete with porcelain frog elegantly compliments dreamy Tiana.

For those keeping track of the production marks, both Nephews & Tree and Naveen on Balcony bear the 2010 production mark, the sword & anvil from The Sword in the Stone.


Matthew said...

Excellent news! Always great to see new WDCC showing up, particularly when the pieces are as great as these two are!

Duckman said...

It's both nice and encouraging that we're seeing the arrival of new WDCC on a more regular basis this year!

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Nephews & Trees. Was so impressed with this sculpture when we got to preview it in November.

Naveen on Balcony, immediately pre-ordered sight unseen. From photos, such a perfect companion piece to Tiana!

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Just got 4 of them in stock..

Herc said...

Naveen on the balcony is an absolutely wonderful addition for Tiana. They definitely go hand in hand. If anyone has Tiana, go out and pick this baby up. Very cute and the detail of the railings is wonderful. Two have been delivered to our house already. Emily loves the WDCC Tiana (thank you Uncle Ray) and now she'll have Naveen added to go with her evergrowing WDCC shelf (at only 7 years old, she has quite a WDCC and Disney Princess Precious Moments collection going). Thank you to Traci for embracing the suggestions from collectors. Your really made my day when this was announced.