Monday, February 16, 2009

Retirement Roundup-Stinky Pete Honored with Retirement!

Honored with retirement today (February 16th) is Stinky Pete ("Mint in the Box-Never Been Opened") from Toy Story 2.

Released in March 2005, Stinky Pete made his WDCC debut complete with a display box. His box is made of cardboard, with a clear plastic window. It looks and feels just like a "real" box, except that it is open on the bottom so that you can place the box over Stinky Pete for display purposes. There is also a simple cardboard riser included as part of the packaging so that Stinky Pete is standing at the correct height inside the box.

Stinky Pete, also known as the Prospector, is a portly prospector doll, and is one of the main villains of Toy Story 2. He is a toy modeled after a character on the fictional television show Woody's Roundup, where the characters consisted of Sheriff Woody, Jessie, Stinky Pete and Bullseye, Woody's horse. The Prospector doll seen in the film has never been opened and is still "Mint in the Box", making him sought after by collectors.

He is the only real toy villain in the Toy Story movies, though there is an element of sympathy given the fact that he has been confined to a box since the 1950's when the original show was made.

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