Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Production Mark

"Walt Disney Classics Collection features a yearly Production Mark that is incised or imprinted on the bottom of sculptures produced during the calendar year. This year's production mark honors Walt Disney's animated classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians and the symbol is a paw print (pictured at left). The only sculptures that do not include the Production Mark are the yearly Walt Disney Collectors Society Membership Gift Sculptures. The Production Mark was discontinued on the Membership Gift sculptures years ago to discourage Society Members from purposely disrupting their memberships as they let their memberships lapse and then try to renew them a year or so later in the hopes of receiving the following year's Production Mark (when we would produce fewer with that mark).

Many of the new WDCC releases shipping now will still have the 2008 Production Mark (Sleeping Beauty's Crown) as they were produced during the end of last year. As we continue to receive shipments (and re-order) those Production Marks will transition to the paw print."


Babette said...

When I was driving my car the other day, saw a Penn State paw print magnet on the back of the car and it reminded me of the new WDCC production mark. Here's an interesting article about the 4 or 5 toed Penn State paw prints. http://www.collegian.psu.edu/archive/2005/09/09-15-05tdc/09-15-05darts-01.asp and a listing of the various paw prints for sale at the PSU online store http://www.nittanyoutlet.com/scs_search_results.htm?search=paw&imageField.x=16&imageField.y=6

Here's an image of the Clemson logo that the Penn State one is compared against. http://www.thefabricfinder.com/CollegeLogoClemsonUnivTigers.jpg

Thought that new WDCC production mark looked familiar!

Herc said...

I cannot believe we are up to the Sixties already!!