Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Most Anticipated Release-February Poll Results

Our recent Most Anticipted Release-February Poll has ended. The results are as follows:

40% - Vultures
27% - Ariel with Prince Eric Statue
27% - Complete Hawaiian Holiday Scene
4% - Will Turner
2% - Elizabeth Swann

The Vultures from The Jungle Book were the overall most anticipated release in our poll. Ariel with Prince Eric Statue and the Complete Hawaiian Holiday Scene tied for 2nd place. From our poll, all who participated were interested in the complete scene, as there were no votes for each character individually.

I will leave the results up for the Most Anticipated Release-February Poll for a few days for anyone who wants to see/compare the final results. As with previous polls, Blogger results never add exactly to 100%, so the accountant in me recalculated the results based on the number of people who voted in each category to the total :)

Thanks again to all who participated!


Herc said...

Just received the vultures yesterday and at a quick glance, they are fantastic. Got a great low low number to boot.
I voted for the Hawaiian Holiday scene. We honeymooned in Hawaii and cannot wait to get this scene. Think we may display in our bedroom.

Duckman said...

Congratulations Jeff! As much as I like the Vultures, I too voted for the Hawaiian Holiday scene. Am really looking forward to this one and planning to display with the Trevor Carlton giclee that Michelle told us about. We're planning on displaying in our Florida room off our kitchen. They should work well with my boats and other tropical/beach items we have in that room. Can't Wait!!

Herc said...

Wish I could afford that piece of 2-D art by Trevor. It would be perfect. Emily can stay home from preschool for a month, right? LOL

Yes, I think that scene and the 2-D art would work great with your boats and the other nautical/beach/underthesea type of stuff.