Friday, September 26, 2008

Swiss Family Treehouse Poll Results

We've just completed our first poll on Blogger! Thanks to everyone who participated! The participation was much larger than I expected, compared to participation on previous Delphi polls I've conducted.

I noticed throughout the poll, Bloggers results never added exactly to 100%, so the accountant in me will recalculate based on the number of people who voted in each category to the total :)

The results are as followed:

16% - Will purchase
10% - Plan to purchase
11% - Unsure
63% - No plans to purchase

Based on the above results, 26% plan to either purchase or will definitely purchase compared to 63% with no plans to purchase and 11% still unsure. Haven't heard how pre-orders are so far. Personally, am looking forward to seeing in person in a couple months.

Added a new poll today - Your Choice for 2009 Membership Gift. Matthew, thanks for your suggestion for this poll.

I will leave the results up for the Treehouse Poll for a few days for anyone who wants to see/compare the final results. Thanks again to all who participated!

5 comments: said...

Pre Orders are LOW LOW LOW,, and this is from good sources., No one wants to buy the Enchanted places again. (Oh I mean the Swiss Family Tree House) No one seems to care about this one. Was a great classic to see that theater it is a shame..
We ordered it for the gallery as we do think it is a nice part of any classic collection.

Duckman said...

Hi Mark,

Hearing the same thing. Rather sad :( It seems Enchanted Places have had a much requested return since there demise but not seeing that interest equate into sales. When you look at the releases since their return (even though not officially called Enchanted Places), all have been in an edition size of 750. You'd think with the number of dealers left, you could blow through an edition size easily but seeing both the Cave of Wonders and the Old Mill still available, not to mention slow pre-orders on the Treehouse, it's obviously not the case. Has you wondering if we'll see many more Enchanted Place type releases in the future? In all 3 of these releases, I personally feel all were very well done, so it can't have anything to do with the artistry or quality of the piece. JTDO.

Then you look at a repeat main-stream character like Tinker Bell, in an edition size of 2,000, sells out immediately. It has you wondering the make-up of the collector base and/or how supportive the die-hard collectors are of the pieces they request. Scat Cat Scene and Medusa come to mind -- much requested and sat on the dealer's shelves.

Your posting this time seemed more upbeat, positive vs. your initial posting (see below):

With so much to do..WHY would they do this "enchanted Places" Piece..
Just an opinion this was not a smart move at all. But it will Sell!!

How did you yourself do with Tinker Bell and Jack & the Behemoth, both selling out quite quickly? We take these collector polls, discuss the pieces on public forums but very rarely hear the dealers feedback on how a particular sculpture has done. I think this is something many collectors would be interested in hearing. Many times, we only hear that one on one discussion with our own dealer but have nothing to compare with.

Look forward to hearing your feedback. said...

Great questions..
Well Since we are a gallery that sells WDCC Tink is our number 1 item, we sell and abundance of Tink Art, Jim Shore and classics and this new one was RIGHT ON!!!
KUDOS on that design from day one.. We sold an abundance and still have some left and more and more requests. I think that was great, The Behemoth was what can you say about such an incredible classic. We have done well and have only 2 left. One problem we as you know could only get a certain allotment even as a gold circle gallery. I am very excited to see it and i do believe that i will sell out at the dealers asap once everyone gets to see it in person. I actually will be looking at it next week at the Enesco headquarters and are very excited about that one in particular.. It is going to be a killer. In my opinion what i have seen over the last few years is that collectors want CLASSIC images and BIG images. They get more bank for the buck. hence the amazing success of the Queen of Hearts., You had to see that in person to appreciate it's magnitude and quality. We did well and continue and everyone comments how big.. the same with the Xmas Carol Micky., WOW that is a big one also and worth the money because of the size. I know we are off topic but thought you might want to hear that. It is sad that such a great company can't photograph properly to give the proper look of what they are getting. All my customers make the same comment, then it arrive and bang the register rings.. Well enough said and nice to chat on this subject of such a great item!!!
Looking forward to hearing your comments


Duckman said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated!

Tink it seems is doing very well for everyone. It's nice to see an event piece doing so well. Has me also curious the next release in this series.

I haven't seen Jack and the Behemoth in person but all my friends who have, said it's an amazing piece. It seems anything from Nightmare Before Christmas has done well, except for Dr. Finklestein and the Clown with the Tear Away Face, from information I've gathered. Mark, please drop me an email. I received an email this weekend from a collector looking for the Jack & Behemoth piece and would like to put them in touch with you.

You brought up some good points regarding what collectors are looking for. From your customer base, are they more inclined to sculptures like Jack & the Behemoth, a scene contained in a single sculpture or prefer more a multi-sculpture set like Mickey's Christmas Carol?

The Queen of Hearts I agree is amazing! Very well done job. It really captures her personality.

Back to the Treehouse, as you said, you can't always go by the images. I personally wait until I see in person before making a final decision. In the case of the Treehouse, I know myself, have never seen the film so don't have an infinity for it. Whereas my wife, was taken by the detail and the added feature of the roof lifting and seeing the detail in person.

Will be interesting to see, once seen in person and able to study up close, how sales end up vs. people thoughts just based on the photo.

Enjoy these type of conversations :)

Consultant said...

Everyone has their favorites, buy what you like as these are for personal enjoyment, not investment. They'll all appreciate though, some sooner than other. In the long run the lower edition sizes will have an advantage so in a way, this 750 edition is sort of a Sleeper. I see a few problems though. If I recall, Enchanted Places are resin, not ceramic. Most collectors have an affinity to ceramic - although many are typically broken in shipment - making them even more rare. The other is this is a piece associated with a live action film not an animation - it's not Tink (Peter Pan), Snow White & The Dwarfs, Lion King, Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty or Nightmare Before Xmas - far from it. But I personally feel the Enchanted Places collection, such as the Dwarfs Cottage, are really some of the most interesting pieces because they are essentially miniature architectural models similar to Olzewski's stuff although maybe a little less detailed. Limited Edition under 1,000? 10 year from now when Disney release a remake of Swiss Family Robinson, this piece will be gold.