Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Review: Mickey from Mickey's Christmas Carol

While working on updating the Secondary Guide with the 2nd and 3rd quarter releases for 2008, decided to get a start on the new Mickey's Christmas Carol scene featuring Mickey Mouse ("Earnest Employee"), Donald Duck ("Festive Fellow") and Scrooge McDuck ("Mirthless Miser") and purchased Mickey as Bob Cratchit. He arrived today!

Given the height of the sculpture (10-1/8") when the scene was announced, in no way was I prepared for the size of this sculpture! Mickey is friggin' huge! As I type this entry, have him sitting on top my roll top desk next to Elliott (from Pete's Dragon) and Mickey almost dwarfs him! I'm curious to see how the Parkwest/NALED version of Scrooge looks with Mickey as far as size comparison and if possible to work that sculpture into this scene. Would love to see Rat and Mole added to possibly work with that Scrooge and create another scene.

As others have said, Ruben did an amazing job! I like the added touch of the writing on Mickey's ledger and the word 'Notes' on some of the papers strewn on the floor. Using resin for the main parts of Mickey's desk, allows to capture all detail and wood grain effect in the desk and chair. Another thing I wasn't aware (unless I missed in the announcement information), the sculpture bears a 25th Anniversary backstamp.

The next release in this series is scheduled for next year. Am curious on what direction they're going to go. It appears this scene is doing quite well from talking to both collectors and dealers.

09/10/08 Update: Updated this entry to include the opening credits of Mickey's Christmas Carol (courtesy of YouTube.com) that open the movie to the sequence Jason described of the Big Bad Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs as Scrooge (in the Parkwest/NALED pose) walks by (1:59/2:06).

Mickey's Christmas Carol is ©Disney


Timon said...

I'm glad you posted this. I've been self-absorbed in work getting ready for trade shows, I can totally relate to Mickey AKA Bob. (Hope my boss isn't reading to draw the other obvious correlation!)

Totally missed this size on this piece! So by your comparison, it sounds like this piece could almost be as tall as the Christmas Tree from the Lady and the Tramp scene.

Hmmm...since that tree is such a bear to put back in the box, it may serve two WDCC Christmas scenes at once!

Duckman said...

Hey Tim,

I can relate to Mickey aka Bob on a regular basis .. LOL!

Checked the sizing on the Christmas Tree from Lady and the Tramp and it's 11-1/2", slightly taller but not by much :( I know what you mean about that piece being a bear to repack. It's easy to come out but as hard as Hades to get back in :)

In doing some size comparisons on the other pieces, Donald (Nephew Fred) is 6-1/4", the same height as Admiral Donald from Sea Scouts. Since Admiral Donald was handy, I put him beside Mickey to get a rough idea.

Depending on how far they get into this movie as part of this series, it could end up being one HUGE scene given the number of characters that can be done and the sizing based on these first releases.

In another comparison, the Parkwest/NALED Scrooge is 7-1/2" compared to 6-1/2" for the new Scrooge. Given he's wearing a top hat, which would account for part of his overall height, he should work well with this series. JTDO.

Behr said...

Thanks for sharing this. I had no idea that the pieces were that big. Its nice to hear that the Naled Scrooge will fit with this set as well. I'm so happy they brought a Holiday scene back again. The possibilities of added pieces to this scene are truly endless and hopefully it will be popular like NBC and they will added pieces yearly for many many years to come

Duckman said...

You're welcome Geoffrey! I really didn't pay much attention to the sizing, so was quite shocked when I opened the box.

It's a great sculpture, really puts a smile on your face. It's one of Mary's favorite pieces (2nd to the Sleeping Beauty Jeweled Box) of the 2008 releases.

I think I'm going to step back and see what the next releases are planned for this series before jumping in 100%. These first 3 pieces are a great start and like you, nice to see a Holiday Series back in the collection. I'm still hoping they'll do something to tie the Parkwest/NALED Scrooge into this series. One can hope, eh?

Jason S. said...

Thanks for the size comparison on the new & old Scrooge; sounds like the previous Parkwest/NALED piece will fit right in size-wise.

Keeping with the actual scene from the film, wouldn't mind seeing The Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs from the opening scene of the featurette since that is the moment the Parkwest/NALED Scrooge is taken from. The Wolf is dressed up as Santa ringing a bell, collecting for the poor, as the Pigs sing carols alongside him. WDCC would certainly & happily surprise me if they did release those as companion pieces.

Duckman said...

You're welcome Jason!

I added the YouTube clip to my blog entry that shows the Big Bad Wolf (dressed as Santa) and the 3 Little Pigs. They appear in frame 1:59/2:05, so you have to sit through all the opening credits but there are some great sketch scenes for future/potential releases.

I wonder with the recent 3 Pigs in the Silly Symphony Series, if they would hold off releasing them again so close? Then again, it's not like we haven't see repeat characters before .. LOL!

Jason S. said...

Great YouTube addition to the blog entry, Don! Have always loved the opening credits with the old-time feel of the sketches and the "Oh, What a Merry Christmas Day" song. The sketches do provide some good sculpting ideas, as you suggested. Heck, the first one is of the Three Little Pigs caroling.

Of course, I'm kinda like Tony is with "Snow White" on this featurette; they could release the entire story in WDCC and I'd buy it.