Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Feature at the Blog!

Prior to opening the Cafe in Duckburg, tested the survey/poll option offered by Blogger but at that time, there were glitches with it. Decided this morning to test it again and nice to see that feature is now working!

The first poll is on the upcoming Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. Currently, your polling choices are limited to four (4) options but still a nice addition, nonetheless. This current poll is set up for seven (7) days as a test.

In addition to this feature, we'll still continue to do surveys/polls at the Duckburg Cafe as well.

Let the voting begin! :)


Timon said...

Cool feature! I'm glad they're adding stuff to Blogger.

Duckman said...

Hi Tim,

Am really glad they got this working. Looking over some of the options, Blogger has really added a lot since I last checked.

Timon said...

I know. Trust me, I know! :-) (I may have gone a little over board with some of the choices!)

Duckman said...

Wow .. just jumped over to your blog. You did take advantage of the many choices .. LOL!