Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Anniversary Hint in Newsflash!

As you are aware, Newsflash will no longer be mailed and is now included in the Members Only section of the Walt Disney Classics Collection section on the Enesco website and can now be viewed on-line.

The latest issue of Newsflash included the following Q&A:

Q. I'm delighted with your choice for the 2008 Disney Villains sculpture, as the Queen of Hearts is one of my favorite baddies. Now I'm wondering about next year. Is there any chance the 2009 Villain will be Maleficent, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty?

A. As you point out, 2009 is the Golden Anniversary of Sleeping Beauty, and to celebrate we're planning something very special. Keep your eyes open (even if you are under a spell) for a 50th anniversary Sleeping Beauty sculpture in fall 2009. We cannot awaken any details now, but rest assured this very special piece will capture the majesty and power of Walt Disney's magnificent animated masterpiece.

Thank You Matthew for the heads up!


Matthew said...

Could "keep your eyes open, even if you are under a spell" be a clue that this would be a piece of "dazed" Aurora??

Herc said...

I'm in total agreement with you Matthew.
Maybe it would include parts of a staircase with her coming down. That would be a different take. And the spinning wheel would make a great add on piece.

Herc said...

Just me again, I am hoping that the Villains Series doesn't repeat any villain at all in the series. The first villain in the series was Maleficent on the turret. The series can go on and on for years without repeating.

Matthew said...

Hi Herc. I'm wondering if this is not meant to be a Villains piece since the release time frame is in the fall. Isn't the Villain usually available starting in May?

Babette said...

You are correct young Jedi Matthew...the Villians piece is usually May to end of Sept.

Duckman said...

Matthew-From the clue/hint, I thought the same moment. Would be interesting if that moment, which direction they'll go. Princess Aurora ready to touch the spindle and prick her finger would be a great moment and definitely would need to include Maleficent.

Jeff-I also like the moment you describe and agree 100%, I'd rather see them do a Villain not yet done in the Villains Series vs. beginning to repeat those already done. JTDO.

Babs and Matthew are correct, the Villains Series is typically a May thru Oct. redemption period, so based on the hint this piece coming in Fall, 2009, guessing not the Villains Series.