Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Times: Weekend at the Shore

Last night Mary, Amanda and myself returned from an amazing weekend at the Jersey Shore with some very special Disney friends. It was non-stop fun from the moment we arrived. Needless to say, the trip went much TOO fast!

The weekend was a gathering from Pennsylvania (Mary, Amanda & myself, Babs and Carl), New Jersey (George and Jeff) and Virginia (Greg). Everyone driving anywhere from 1.5 to 8 hours. You couldn't have asked for better weather (or a better time). We were blessed with incredible weather. Sunny each day (except for an early morning storm on Saturday), a nice, consistent breeze and no humidity. Friday and Saturday were perfect days at the beach. After awesome breakfasts made each morning by Chef Babs, we headed to the beach (which was about two blocks away) with beach towels and chairs, sunscreen and coolers in tow.

Part of our Disney Family at Babs B&B By The Sea

Time at the beach was first priority and food was second (are you surprised?) If ever in the N. Wildwood area, I highly recommend the following (my personal favorites):
  • Owen's Pub -- awesome fries (with cheese and bacon of course), burgers and cheese steak sandwiches. Great food, excellent service and reasonable pricing. My only complaint, they didn't serve Blue Moon :(
  • Russo's Deli -- The largest hoagies I've ever seen! Highly recommend the Italian or Mom Russo's Special. Conveniently located on the way to the beach, so perfect to pick up and enjoy at the beach with a nice cold one!
  • Curly's -- OMG! These french fries were amazing!! Don't waste time on the cup or bucket, go straight for the barrel :) Curly's is located along Morey's Pier on the Boardwalk.
  • Other recommendations are Westy's, Flip Flopz and Mack's Pizza on the Boardwalk.
  • A visit to the Boardwalk would not be complete without fudge and saltwater taffy. We sampled fudge up and down the Boardwalk and leaned towards Laura's Fudge and Douglass Fudge. I had my very first chocolate covered molasses pop and became hooked! Thanks Peter for telling me about these!

You can't put together a group of Disney fans and not do something Disney, right? We had our typical conversations about WDCC and even watched Cars, Finding Nemo and Frankenweenie (a bonus short on Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas).

After an evening on the Boardwalk, Curly fries and karoake, we decided to play a game of Disney Monopoly. Monopoly has always been a board favorite of mine since my youth. I've played the original, Italian, Disney and Rudolph versions in the past but NEVER did I laugh as hard and have so much fun as I did this past weekend. From Pinocchio unable to get past go and consistently going to jail, Sleeping Beauty trying to get her cottage back from that squatter Peter Pan and getting in trouble with Snow White each time after stopping by the Emperor's Place to everyone stopping by the Meadow and Pleasure Island, it was an evening that will be long remembered.

Sunday was a hard day as we had to say good-bye to Jeff, Greg and Carl as they had to head home. Our time together went entirely TOO fast :(

Since this was Mary, Amanda and myself's first time to this area, Sunday evening we drove down to Cape May with George and Michelle. What a beautiful area. The Victorian architecture was amazing. We visited Congress Hall and did a little shopping at the Washington Street Mall, stopped in Our Lady Star of the Sea Roman Catholic Church and had dinner at the Ugly Mug. Thanks George and Michelle, you were awesome tour guides!

I know I sound like a broken record but the weekend went too fast. It will be remembered with a lot of great memories, laughs and as the blog title says, good times!

Michelle, thanks again for not only being an awesome hostess but for just being you! You made us all feel so welcome and never will forget those awesome breakfasts you made us each morning. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, we hope you make this an annual thing.

To the gang, don't forget:

  • 2PPC
  • George and I becoming BFF
  • Jeetjet? No, J'ew? and Sammitch
Miss you guys and can't wait for the next time we're all together again.


Babette said...

It's MACK'S Pizza, not Mark's!! :)

Babette said...

Oh, and come back anytime!

Duckman said...

Oops .. that's what happens when I should have been working vs. blogging :)

Herc said...

It was a great time even though I was only there one night. But that night was jam packed. I don't think I've ever walked that far in such a short time.

I still cannot believe how big those subs and steak sandwiches were from Russo's that we had for lunch. When they said a large was 22 inches long, I thought we all were going to drop to the floor. Thank God they told us beforehand.

Glad we all had a great time to visit with each other. And getting a little color at the same time.

And our Miss Babs was the perfect hostess and her B&B by the Sea was fantastic. What wervice!!

And remember Don, what happens in North Wildwood, stays in North Wildwood.

Duckman said...

Wished you could have been there longer Jeff, hopefully next time.

I've never seen a hoagie that large (at least that I can remember) and they were priced well too. Had we not been forwarned on their size, we would have been eating hoagies for days and bringing some back home .. LOL!

No worries, I stand behind the group mantra :)