Thursday, August 21, 2008

Incandescent Magic in Whiteware!

Part of the process in creating memorable Walt Disney Classics Collection sculptures is creating whiteware.

The final clay sculpt is cut into pieces and a plaster mold of each piece is made. The more complex and delicate the sculpture, such as the Blossom Fairy, the more pieces are needed. Special Note: Some Classics Collection sculpts have up to forty pieces.

Liquid clay called 'slip' is poured into the molds and partially air dried into 'greenware' pieces, which are then re-assembled using more slip. The greenware is sprayed with a translucent glaze and fired in a brick kiln, creating a glazed whiteware. The whiteware is then painted with a yellow dye to pick up any flaws within the whiteware.

The Blossom Fairy, a Numbered Limited Edition of 500 is plussed with a bronze fairy, bronze tree, wire flower pollen, brass wand and Swarovski Elements (Swarovski™ gems). If you click on the image at right, you will be able to see and study the amazing detail that went into this sculpture, sculpted by Master Sculptor, Kent Melton.


Matthew said...

This piece is truly amazing in any form. I'm always curious as to the construction of these most delicate pieces, so thank you, Don, for the photo!

Babette said...

I had been dying to see this piece in whiteware format!! Definitely did not disappoint! Such beautiful piece! Thanks for taking the pictures Enesco!!! ;)

Duckman said...

You're welcome Matthew! Babs has been after me to secure a picture of the whiteware version and appreciate very much Enesco coming through!

At this time, trying to secure also a whiteware image of the Dewdrop Fairy and Frost Fairies. Would be really cool to see all four (4) together in their whiteware stage.

Herc said...

I love this in whiteware and would purchase if available.

Duckman said...

Hey Jeff,

I thought this piece looked awesome in whiteware as well. Not a fan of whiteware but this is one, if available, I'd definitely buy!