Monday, March 17, 2008

WDCC Dealer Listing Updated for 2008!

The Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealer Listing for 2008 has been updated. This update is for authorized dealers located in the United States, Canada and Overseas as of February, 2008.

Retailers who are currently part of the Walt Disney Classic Collection's Gold Circle Program are indicated with an asterik (*). You can access the updated Authorized Dealer Listing by clicking on Donald Duck (2008 WDCS Membership Gift) and his nephews.


Kushal Ruia said...

hey Don,
do u happen to have the 2008 production mark image? like the ones u have for the previous years?



Duckman said...

Hi Kushal,

Yes. Haven't had a chance to upload to the Production Mark Page of the website.

I do have the smaller size version posted on the Secondary Guide for Wendy, Elliott and Clarabelle like it would appear on the green box.

Hope that helps :)