Thursday, November 1, 2007

What to Look Forward to in November!

Halloween has come and gone, hopefully your day ended with more treats than tricks :)

November is here and fall is definitely in the air and we begin to think of the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving you ask? But the stores are switched or switching over to Christmas you say?? It seems Christmas has become so commercial, we begin seeing signs as early as July and almost in full swing by Halloween. Thanksgiving seems to take a back seat, considered a minor holiday. Did you ever notice you don't see much in the way of decorations and cards for Thanksgiving and they are usually in a small section in the stores, not getting the store space like Halloween and Christmas? Same can be said for WDCC. There really isn't much representing this holiday as well.

As I refuse to put up Christmas lights and decorations until after Thanksgiving, I plan to do the same here at the blog on the website. This month's entries may be light but the focus will be on some fall/Thanksgiving related releases -- Pocahontas, Little Hiawatha and Soup's On from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs plus this month we should also see the 2008 Members Only Releases and quite possibly the remainder of 1st Quarter 2008 as well! An actual date has not been confirmed at this time.


Matthew said...

Oooo! We might learn the rest of first quarter sometime this month????

I can't wait!

Herc said...

I never thought of putting out Soups On for the Thanksgiving holiday. Both Pocahontas sculptures are great choices. I don't have Little Hiawatha yet but that would also be nice to display. I am in agreement with Don. I don't like rushing the holidays. I'm taking Halloween down this weekend and putting up the Thanksgiving decorations (maybe a certain native american also). Christmas won't come out til Black Friday.

Speaking of rushing the holidays, we were in Babies R Us over the weekend getting Halloween photos taken and the store was playing Christmas music. Now that's rushing it. I really feel bad for the employees who have to listen to that for two months.

Duckman said...

Wishful thinking on my part Matthew .. LOL!

Checked last year's on-line newsletter and it was Dec. 13th when the remainder of 1st quarter was unveiled :(

Duckman said...

You're like us Jeff, we don't begin decorating for Christmas until Black Friday.

Soup's On always reminded me of Thanksgiving. Everyone together, gathering around the table for a great holiday meal. Maybe a stretch but always worked for me .. LOL!

Thanks for the reminder of the Small World Native American Indian. Had forgot about him.