Monday, April 16, 2007

Feature Animation Building Sees Rise on the Secondary!

The Feature Animation Building, a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500 which was one of two featured sculptures at the 2002 Celebration of Art Classics Convention has been seeing a healthy secondary value the past few weeks based on recent eBay auctions, ranging from $225.00-380.00 US (original SRP was $160.00 US).

When this sculpture was announced as one of the featured sculptures that year, it was met with a lot of negative reaction as was the other featured sculpture for that convention,
Cameraman Mickey. Appears both ended up not being bad choices after all.

Thanks Michelle!


sparklingrose said...

The two pieces you mentioned have gone through the roof on the Secondary Market as have a few others. I'm sure anyone looking for the NBC kids can tell you that! :o) Unfortunately most pieces don't perform that way (don't we wish?!?), but then I don't think most of us buy for investment purposes.

Duckman said...

That is unfortunate. The majority either hold their own or drop, some drastically. Nice when you see some pieces (rare that they are) consistently perform well or when a new sculpture joins the ranks/caliber of those that are doing well.

Herc said...

I really like the Animation Building. You have to take the pieces made for that year as pieces made to a theme. they fit in perfectly. Probably most were upset because they weren't from an animated feature or short. I have seen a 2-D Director Mickey alot recently on the web so they did take him from somewhere and not just making him up to fit that character. As with some of the pieces that weren't that popular at the beginning, it seems they all have gone up in value. Guess the demand is there now. I thought the same about the Rose Table and Si and Am being around.(I know the cats were a yearly release, but it was always easy to find the Duo Series, but not these).