Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ABC brings the magic of "Once Upon A Time" to the D23 Expo!

AT D23 EXPO 2013

Creators panel with Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz who will talk about their hit ABC series Once Upon A Time as well as their new series, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, on August 10

Guests Can Board Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger on the D23 Expo Show Floor

BURBANK, Calif. – July 24, 2013 – Be among the first to watch ABC’s most anticipated new fall series and animated specials and have a chance to learn the secrets behind how they were made. Fans will have those opportunities at the D23 Expo: The Ultimate Disney Fan Event, where all the worlds of Disney come together, August 9 – 11, at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Executive Producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will be featured at a panel titled “ABC’s Once Upon A Time: Behind The Fairytale” on Saturday, August 10 at 1:00 p.m. at Stage 23. Eddy and Adam will talk about exciting developments for season three of their hit series Once Upon A Time as well as their new fall series, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, which takes place in the Victorian England of Alice and the strange new land that exists on the other side of the rabbit hole. The Q&A with the executive producers will be moderated by D23’s Jeffrey Epstein.

Guests on the D23 Expo show floor are invited to come aboard the Jolly Roger for a swashbuckling good time with some of your favorite fairytale characters from ABC’s hit series Once Upon A Time. Explore the famous pirate ship and feast your eyes on original props from the set. You will also find Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, Captain Hook, and Emma Swan (and Emma’s red leather jacket). Every pirate who boards the ship gets to visit the Evil Queen’s vault. And a surprise awaits when you unlock a box from Regina’s wall of hearts. No pirate will leave empty handed!  Don’t let this exciting adventure sail by without you!

In addition, as previously announced, guests will be able to get an up-close-and-personal look at some of the elaborate costumes from Once Upon A Time inside the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit located on the second floor of the Convention Center. 


jworthington said...

Is the wdcc history?

DC Pop Fanatic said...

When Precious Moments released initial images back in March, they stated additional images would be released in June, then product arriving in retailers in September.

Saw a posting lately an announcement will be made in Sept. and product now shipping in Spring 2014.

The longer they push out, personally don't feel it bodes well for the line.

Is it history? Time will tell I guess.

Anonymous said...

If they now acknowledge they screwed up, why don't they listen to those who are telling them and gather up the folks who know how to do it right? This seems like such va simple problem to solve. Or just look at how the line was and replicate the quality. Presumably that is what led them to want to take it over in the first place.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Agree 100%!

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

They did not screw up, First Disney approached them, not the other way around and the deal was we will NOT re-make an Enesco line of product. That was 22 years old and the complaints never stopped coming about it, UNTIL It ended. I will tell you why they don't listen from them...(The Folks) Who ever they are??? The line is DEAD 100% DEAD and at the hight of the line there were 3800 DEALERS world wide that all sold it and made a living selling it. At the end of the run there were 61 world wide..PM had no intention ever of reviving a dead line that was 22 years old.. Why for what and for what collector? the handful left that buy them, With a collector base that had dropped over 93% (YES 93%) they were not interested in any way of catering to that small crowd and what they did was CORRECT. They will make a line for the masses...the masses pay the bills and a handful of collectors that do NOT support dealers but look for sales on ebay dont.. They are looking for grandma to be able to buy this line for their granddaughter at realistic price...NOT a 350.00 price. I applaud them for attempting to help line and trying market it and produce something different for everyone! We should also look at a line of NEW Disney with an open mind and wait until it is released.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hey Mark,

If what you say is true and PMI was not remaking an Enesco line of product, why wasn't the line retired? Why did PMI keep the Walt Disney Classics Collection name & logo? Why wouldn't PMI want to distance themselves from a line you refer to as dead?

From those initial images, it was obvious PMI was going after a different market and no denying the product was nothing more than giftware.

The line should have simply been retired at the end of 2012.

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Oh how much i agree with you...SO SO very much. BUT why distance yourself from a logo that was sooo successful. I like to look at it as the same as the caddy CIMARON....remember that, YIKES a caddy..NOT to the real caddy clientele BUT what it did do was bring over 50 thousand NEW drivers to the line of the Cadillac auto, and when they killed it those drives were there to stay.. IF PM released the line look at the amount of NEW shoppers would have been created for a low cost line. WDCC IT was a incredible line and considering that a success is 5 years and you now have 22 leave well enough alone. But the cash register oh i mean the suits at disney went to PM with the proposal, think of the MONEY...they thought with the use of the name it was money in the bank.. (Hence the Cadillac comparison) NOT true as you and i know.. BUT to make a line of giftware i think is a great idea BUT drop the name WDCC... make sense to you ???

Unknown said...

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