Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking Back: Chicken Little

When Chicken Little was released, I was familiar with the phrase associated with this character "the sky is falling" but had no interest in seeing the film and quite honestly knew nothing about it. The Walt Disney Classics Collection released a sculpture from this film in October, 2005.

Fast forward to July, 2013 and finally saw the film for the 1st time while on vacation! The movie is cute little gem with some very endearing characters, a cute father/son storyline and great music. Within days of returning home, purchased the blu ray plus the WDCC sculpture. 

A great job was done in bringing this character from 2D to 3D, from the detail of his feathers to the pose. It's too bad this character didn't catch on and do well for the line, would have loved to seen Abby Mallard and Fish added.

Notice the painting effect in his comb. Upon unpacking the piece and checking it over, didn't notice the paint effect until I took photos and were uploading them. My first thought, thought it was the dreaded crazing! I looked over the official photos supplied at the time of its release and auctions on eBay of photos of the actual piece and noticed it was apparent in them as well. The more I looked at it, it reminded me of the design of the alien tile that appears in Chicken Little's room. Upon viewing of the blu ray when it arrived, the paint effect is in the film as well.  If the alien design, a very cool touch!

"Second Chance Champ" sculpted by Valerie Edwards was an Open Edition release, retired in December, 2009. Chicken Little was also offered as a special promotion through Disney’s Visa® Card from Chase.  If you ordered using your  Disney’s Visa® Card, you earned Triple Disney Dream Reward Dollars. 
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Timon said...

This piece, and Chicken Little, have always been special to me. Probably because there are times I can be like him!

The reason why is because the movie was released on my birthday, and in 2005, I was on a business trip in Louisiana. So to celebrate, I went to see the movie after working with my client. I liked it so much, and since I had nothing better to do than to sit in the hotel, I went back to see it again the next night!

So when WDCC captured the confident stride and attitude of the little champ in this piece, I had to have it.

As we always say, I wish they would have done other characters from the movie. I have Chicken Little displayed in a Candle-lite holder, with a votive burning above him, as homage to his favor phrase, "The sky is falling!"

Duckman said...

Hey Tim,

The Walt Disney Classics Collection really did a great job on this one. I really regret it took me so long to not only see the film but appreciate the characters.

Such a cool way to display him!

Babette said...

I LOVE this movie!!! And I LOVE Chicken Little!!! Who doesn't love an adorable, glasses wearing nerd??
I was SOOOOO happy when WDCC brought Chicken Little to life with his own sculpt. Valerie did a perfect job on the piece, so detailed and an exact match to the movie images.

I was happy to see Chicken Little and Abby Mallard were out and about at the Disney Parks a few weeks ago for Long Lost Friends week...and they were a top vote getter on the Disney Parks Blog survey. Maybe Disney might think more about using characters from this movie...they were such a great gang of friends, a bit quirky, but they all stuck together. Great characters and character qualities that Disney should use much more!!! How about a Chicken Little Saturday Morning Cartoon Show???

such a great WDCC piece....THANKS ENESCO!!!
such a great movie....

Timon said...


Thanks Michelle! :-)