Friday, March 30, 2012

Their Journey Continues!

A large flock of the Three Caballeros:  Airborne Amigos have departed the warehouse and have taken flight today en route to retailers!


Herc said...

Cannot wait for their arrival I've been looking forward to this one sculpture since its announcement. I'm so happy that WDCC thought of adding these three on one sculpture. Fantastic.

I'll give my opinion of the finished sculpture after its arrival.

Caballeros, un viaje seguro.

Timon said...

I'm so behind on the new pieces, but let me tell you. The Three Caballeros was worth the wait! (And it was tough waiting this long!) Bruce has outdone himself, but as usual, he has captured the essence of these three amigos.

I told my WDCC dealer that growing up in Southern California, I was introduced to Donald, Jose and Panchito at an early age. I've always loved them and if I ever need to be cheered up, all I have to do is watch this movie and it brings me to happy spot.

The same can be said with this new piece. I just put them on the shelf next to the other three pieces from the earlier vignette, and it's perfect. As an added bonus, I received #88, but who cares? I was just happy to get this piece! Thanks Bruce and WDCC for allowing this piece to happen!

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hey Tim,

Can't tell you how long I've waited for them to do the Three Caballeros together on the carpet. Couldn't be happier in how the sculpture turned out. Bruce did a fantastic job!

I have mine displayed separately in two different cabinets. A great item to display with them is the Margarita glass by Aribbas Brothers.