Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Magic of Marceline

The Disneys' home in Marceline, where they lived from 1906-1911. 
While the home has changed, it does retain some original touches.
As D23 prepares for their upcoming event, Journey to Marceline, they've posted this story about the indelible imprint Walt left on this town plus a really nice photo gallery.

The town of Marceline, Missouri (current population: 2,308), lies in the gently rolling plains of northeast Missouri. It’s a place where the sun rises over golden fields and sunlight peaks through gently bending willow trees. 

There are no chain stores in its quaint downtown area, just shops, eateries, and a single movie theater. There’s no stoplight. If you’re looking for the glitz and glamour of the big city, this isn’t the place for you. But if you’re like me—a Disney fan looking to walk in Walt’s footsteps—Marceline is nothing less than an essential, and almost spiritual, destination. For Marceline shaped Walt’s vision in countless ways, and it is here that he found a way of life, an essential decency, which he would share with generations through his movies and at Disneyland.

For the complete story, please click on this link.  More details for this upcoming event to be announced soon!  


jworthington said...

When are we going to hear something, anything about the classics collection?

Navyne said...

I was in Marceline last summer. Definitely worth a visit

Duckman said...

jworthington - Just finished blogging the recent sell-outs (Nephews & Tree, Nanny & Lucky and Jack Skellington's House) and Suspension of The Lady and the Tramp opening title. Hopefully this is the start of some new news from the Walt Disney Classics Collection. Understand there is another announcement coming soon!

Navyne - Really enjoyed the article and photos. Definitely somewhere that we'd like to visit!