Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all the readers of The Duckman's Inside Report and Duckman's Blog!

It's funny how on this day, so many people take the time to sit back and look back over the previous year, myself included.  2011 saw changes on the job front, a relocation that was a positive step and became quite challenging as the year ended.  I anticipate even more change as we get into 2012 but am 100% ready!  It was also a year of observation.  Stepping back and simply observing, avoiding getting caught in other people's drama and focusing more on family and what is truly important to me.  

It was a year of less travel compared to prior years but that's ok.  The trips we were able to make (WDW in May, North Wildwood in September and Upstate New York in October) left us with a lot of great memories with great friends!  Our trip to New York will always be remembered as the 'best road trip evah!'

It was also a great year for WDCC!  Saw some amazing sculpts released over this past year and also a chance to pick up some pieces I had previously passed on and the year ended with the anticipation of a sculpture I've long been wanting to see done .. The Three Caballeros!! 

To my family and close friends (and those friends unknown), you are all amazing and I thank God daily for blessing me with you in my life! Thanks for all the fun times and great memories we continued to make in 2011 and so looking forward to making many more in 2012 plus continue to reconnect with old friends!

Happy New Year!!


kissynose said...

Happy New year to you and your family Don. Thanks again for the service you provide for the collectors. Looking forward to the new year.


Ps. On a side note I think the figment noble knight is missing from the guide.

Duckman said...

Happy Belated New Year Brian! Hope you're year is off to a great start!

Thanks for catching that regarding Figment ("Noble Knight"). Just finished adding him to the guide. Still need to add the latest releases from Nightmare Before Christmas and begin to get ready for arrival of the Winter 2012 releases!