Saturday, August 6, 2011

Review: WDCC Lily of the Valley Fairy from 'Fantasia'

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The latest WDCC release from Fantasia arrived at retailers earlier this week, the Lily of the Valley Fairy.  As with all the previous Gossamer Fairies that have been done, this one is every bit as stunning and beautiful.

First, I'd like to thank friend and fellow collector Matthew for sharing photos of his sculpture that will be featured in this review (some very cool, amazing photos!).

When the Summer releases were first announced, this was one of the most anticipated releases for me!  Discovering Fantasia late, as many know (thanks to some pretty cool friends), I learned to appreciate this film and really started to collect pieces from this film since.

The sizing of this piece is perfect and works in well with the existing gossamer fairies.  The leaves are reminiscent of the Dewdrop Fairy and the color palette used in the lily of the valley flowers are subtle shades of orange, yellow, purple and cream.  Another feature I like, the gossamer fairy is in scale with the Autumn, Dewdrop and Blossom Fairies.  This is another factor that stands out in this recent release, WDCC remaining consistent in sizing with previous releases.  I do not own the Frost Fairies, so didn't include them in the size comparison.  

Richly plussed with bronze details including the flower stem and the glistening Fairy herself, this exquisite sculpture embodies all the enchantment of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece and makes the ideal complement for the other dazzling Fantasia Fairy pieces from the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

"The Gentle Glow of a Luminous Lily" sculpted by Kent Melton (who sculpted all the previous Gossamer Fairy releases) is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 500. 

Below are some additional photos that Matthew took.  Please click on each image for a larger view!

Matthew also shared an image of his Lily of the Valley Fairy displayed with the Dewdrop Fairy, Mushrooms and Blossom Fairy to get a size perspective on the piece for comparison purposes.  I have mine displayed with the Blossom and Milkweed Ballerinas.  The purple in the Lily of the Valley, displayed adjacent to the Milkweed Ballerinas brings out the subtle purple shading in the Milkweed sculpture.
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Thanks Matthew!! 


Matthew said...

Hi Don! Glad you liked the pictures. The one thing I regret is that they don't clearly show one of my favorite things about the piece... the undersides of the blossoms. While the interior of the blossoms are indeed a beautiful luminous yellow/orange, I really love the subtle purple highlighting on the outer flower petals.

By the way, I do have the Frost Fairies and they are all still in the same scale, so work very well as a set.

It's amazing to have all of these pieces, released over the course of almost 20 years, displayed together. They work so well with each other and they highlight the artistry of this film and the care WDCC has taken to represent the scenes accurately and beautifully.

Thank you WDCC!

Duckman said...

Hey Matthew,

Agree, the subtle purple highlighting on the underside of the blossoms gives an added touch to the piece, where they could have simply left it plain.

Having mine displayed near the Milkweed Ballerinas, you notice the purple hue is very similar in coloring and makes it stand out even more on both pieces. JMO.

Thanks for confirming the size comparison of the gossamer fairies in the Frost Fairies sculpture in relation to the others. Much Appreciated!

They all do work so well together and nice to see you can 'change it up' a bit and intermix them with one another. Fingers crossed we get another next year, would be cool if the spider web one you've talked about!

Chadwick Land said...

I always enjoy seeing collectors enjoy the peices outside of their stuffy boxes. A Fantasia garden would be a welcome addition to any back yard.