Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Carl & Russell Make Their WDCC Debut!

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The latest from the Summer 2011 Releases started to arrive at retailers yesterday .. Carl Fredricksen and Russell from Disney/Pixar's Up!

At long last, eager Russell has earned the final badge (“Assisting the Elderly”) he needs to graduate to Senior Wilderness Explorer.

Honored to celebrate this important achievement with Russell is his unlikely explorer companion Carl Fredricksen, who salutes the boy’s heroics with his own heartfelt award. “This Ellie Badge reaches way back to the very first things we saw in the film. It’s like Ellie brought Carl in and befriended him, and now he’s doing the same thing with Russell,” stated Up co-writer Bob Peterson. 

Carl wears pewter eyeglass frames with acrylic lenses and Russell has a pewter clasp on his neckerchief. 

Just as Carl bestows upon Russell the greatest honor of all — the Ellie badge — a special “Ellie” Grape Soda pin is included, making this a moment of true merit.

Carl Fredricksen and Russell ("Meritorious Moment"), a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 1,000 was sculpted by Dusty Horner.


Disney Showcase Key said...

A very beautiful Wdcc.

From a Pixar Movie, it's an evenement.
I like a lot the badge: good idea!

PS: you should update you "Touchstone and Pixar" Wdcc list on your website ;).

I think this piece is from the most recent movie to have been made in WDCC.

Thanks for the description.

Duckman said...


Yes! It's a very nice piece. I have not seen yet in person but friends who have, said very nicely detailed, especially Russell's sash. The Grape Soda Pin is definitely a nice touch!

Thanks for the reminder, updated the Secondary Guide earlier this afternoon, adding Up plus listed both Tangled and Cars 2, hoping we could see something from both these films in the future.

Art Partners Collectibles Inc. said...

Having had great success with the Debut of Pixar art in the gallery, I am only hoping they do more, ,this was and is a great treat for everyone, great image, great scene, great piece!!!