Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: "He's Really Kind and Gentle, He's My Friend"

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The last of the Spring 2011 releases had begun arriving at retailers last week!
From the initial photo released when this sculpture was announced, I was a little concerned.  Facially, I thought the sculpture was off.  Belle, like Ariel, had so many different looks throughout the film, they're probably two of the hardest characters to capture perfectly in 3D.  A couple photos that followed (a side and back view) started to give me hope there might not be nothing to be concerned about.

Belle arrived, I took my chances and ordered vs. waiting to see in person as I had originally planned.  She arrived.  I opened the box with still a slight tinge of doubt but my fears were quickly put to rest!  Personally, of all the sculptures done of Belle in her blue attire, I think hands down this one is the best and truly captures the essence of the character!
A good friend of mine and fellow collector, Michelle has asked WDCC many times over the years to do Belle with that wisp of hair that falls over her forehead, not painted on the sculpture but an actual wisp of hair sculpted.  They did and its part of what makes this sculpture stand out above the rest.
Facially she is spot on having a porcelain look to her in the way she was painted.  A great job was done in capturing the green tone of the mirror as it appeared in the film, which contains a hologram of the Beast (as noted in two of the pictures below).  I also like in how simple this piece is, it's not static and you see a sense of movement in her apron in how the corners are turned up.
Kudos to Dusty Horner who did an awesome job on this version of Belle!

He’s Really Kind and Gentle. He’s my Friend, plussed with pewter hands, legs and the lock of hair Belle so endearingly brushes back throughout the film is Limited to Production Year 2011.
Below are photos that I took of my sculpture.  Please click on each image for a larger view!

In a recent article I did for, I wrote of my new curio that allowed me to finally display my Fury Unleashed Beast.  I displayed Beast along with Maurice and thought this version of Belle would be a great companion piece and thought the display worked out perfectly (see picture below)!
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Matthew said...

I'm sure I sound like a broken record by now, but thank you so much for the alternate images. They are ALWAYS appreciated!

Babette said...

Wow Don,
Your friend Michelle sure has some GREAT ideas!!!
Love Love Love this new Belle and her wisp of hair. It's such a part of her character always pushing that bit of hair out of the way (and an everyday annoyance to just about every woman, so can definitely relate!).


Totall agree with you, she has that porcelein doll-like quality to the way her face is painted, which giver her that delicate look.

Dusty did a great job!

Facially though, my fave Belle though is still the first one in the blue dress with the Sig Series Belle/Transformed Beast close second. I do love them all.......Christmas Belle, West Wing Belle, Beast helping with her cape Belle......and like the Haunted Mansion......there's always room for 1 more Belle!
We still need Belle with Beast in the libary after he's attacked by wolves!! ;)

SPBrazil said...

Hi Don,

I have followed your blog and website for years, checking the new releases and your comments on the new sculptures. I'm Brazilian and unfortunately, there are no Disney stores in South America. It's a pity, because Sao Paulo has a huge population and thousands of Brazilians go to WDW every year. I usually buy my WDCC figurines through Ebay and I have quite a nice collection now.
I like the new items this year and your reviews are always nice.
I'm also very interested in Enchanted Place figurines. As you mentioned Michelle and her suggestion, I decided to share with you and WDCC fans my passion for Splash Mountain and the Song of the South releases in hope someday they make Chickapin Hill as an Enchanted Place figure. What do you think about my suggestion?
As Belle's flock, I'd love to have my wish come true someday. :-)

Duckman said...

Michelle - My favorite Belle is her dancing with Beast, followed now by this latest release. If space wasn't an issue, I also like her with the Prince from the Signature release.

The scene I would like to see them do is Belle on Phillipe with Beast fightining the wolves .. I think it would make for a really dramatic scene.

SPBrazil - Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!

As a big fan of Splash Mountain, I like your idea and lets hope those making the decisions are reading :)

I've requested many times a similar idea, a porcelain version of the log going down the flume with water splashing on both sides and inside the log, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit and Brer Frog.

Duckman said...

You're welcome Matthew! I know seeing these sculptures from different angles and in a natural environment are very helpful to collectors who can only rely on photo images to make their decisions.