Monday, July 11, 2011

Belle from 'Beauty & the Beast' is Latest WDCC to Arrive at Retailers!

The last of the Spring 2011 releases has begun arriving at retailers today! 

Gazing tenderly at the image of her beloved Beast as enchantingly conjured up by the Magic Mirror, Belle attempts to convince the frightened townspeople that they have nothing to fear from the seemingly ferocious figure, for the lovely princess-to-be sees her spellbound Prince through the eyes of love. 

As the heroine of a new fairy tale, this bookish beauty was celebrated as a new kind of Disney leading lady. “We tried to make Belle more European looking with fuller lips, darker eyebrows and slightly smaller eyes,” revealed co-supervising animator James Baxter. “She’s also more worldly because she’s always reading.”  

Plussed with pewter hands, legs and the lock of hair Belle so endearingly brushes back throughout the film, this graceful sculpture reflects the artistry of Beauty and the Beast in celebration of the animated classic’s 20th anniversary.

He’s Really Kind and Gentle. He’s my Friend., Limited to Production Year 2011 and sculpted by Dusty Horner.


sk8chic said...

Can this be found at the Art of Disney stores only?

Duckman said...

Belle should be available at all Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) Dealers and the Theme Parks.

It should be available at the Art of Disney in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Downtown Disney and the Animation Gallery in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Hope this helps.

Justin said...

Hi! Glad to see the releases arrived earlier than the August dates many were expecting. I have since picked up many of the spring releases.

Couple of questions (thought maybe you could shed some light on them)

*Any word on whether Belle will be apart of a scene.. in the movie is this even possible?

*Have you heard any info on the Fall releases? Usually they are announced in June.

Hope all is well!

Duckman said...

Hi Justin,

Am doing well and hope you are as well!

It has been very nice seeing the product arriving on time and/or ahead of schedule.

Hearing Peter, Wendy & Tinker Bell ("I'm So Happy, I Think I'll Give You a Kiss") and Grumpy ("Cantankerous Curmudgeon") could be arriving in the next 1-2 weeks.

Haven't heard if anything additional is planned to compliment Belle and/or if part of a new scene. The moment is from the sequence with the Villagers and Gaston. I plan to display her with "Fury Unleashed" Beast myself.

Also haven't heard anything regarding the next announcement. The Summer Announcement was made in early May, I'm guessing the Fall Announcement (based on pieces probably scheduled for October thru December) wouldn't be until some time in September or late August at the earliest.

After this latest announcement, am looking forward to seeing what will be coming next!

Justin said...

Thanks for your insight :) I am so on the fence about the new Belle (she is a great price point) but I do not have her in the yellow gown and have yet to add Beast to my collection. I am very excited about possible Carol pieces for Fall as I absolutely loved Daisy last year. And I am hoping they debut a new Jack. One last wish is anything from 101 Dalmatians to celebrate the film's anniversary. Have been loving the focus on the older films lately with newer films sprinkled in!

Duckman said...

You're Welcome :)

My favorite of the Beauty and the Beast sculptures is Belle in the yellow gown dancing with Beast. The sculpting of this piece is perfect and the interaction between the two characters is spot on!

I wanted Belle in her blue attire and even though having the membership version of her in the blue, that sculpture was never a favorite of mine. Something facially wasn't right about it.

Looking forward also to see what's in store from Mickey's Christmas Carol. Really liked both of last year's pieces, Nephews and Trees being one of my favorites. I keep hoping they'll do Mr. Toad as Fezziwig.

Nightmare Before Christmas has such a strong following, I'd be surprised if we don't see something new from that film in the next announcement :)

It's been a while since we've had something from 101 Dalmatians and forgot about it being an anniversary year. Any particular moment/sequence you'd like to see them do?

Bob said...

We received the new Belle piece yesterday. Great job by Dusty on this. I think he captured her facial features perfectly and what really adds to this piece is Belle's curl and Beast in the mirror.

Viewing Belle just carries you back to the moment in the film.
And I think that speaks volumes about the job Dusty did with this one!!!!!!

BTW it is soooooo nice to see GREEN BOXES showing up regularly again.........:)

Duckman said...

Thanks for the review Bob .. Greatly Appreciated!

As one who was a bit hesitant from the initial photo released but after talking with Ray on Monday (and now your review) and the additional angle provided I'm really looking forward to this one. Mine should be arriving today!

Agree 100% .. SO nice having green boxes arriving on a regular basis again!

Justin said...

I would love to see either Roger and Pongo at his piano from the beginning moments of the film or the piano scene from the end. I would be content with Sgt. Tibbs and the Colonel as well.