Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Very Special Holiday Giving Episode' of Disney Geek is Now On-Line PLUS WDCC Sneak Peeks!

Episode Seventeen, a Very Special Holiday Giving Episode of “D23’s Disney Geek” is now online!

This week check out the following:

- Alan Menken talks about crafting the score for “Tangled.”
- Disney Master Artist Dave Pacheco walks (and races!) us through the creation of a new Walt Disney Classics Collection piece
- TRON-a-riffic gifts like the TRON: Evolution videogame, Hurley’s TRON: Legacy T-shirt and Oakley’s slick TRON 3D glasses
- Designer Quynh Kimball shows us Disney Parks Monopoly III—with Figment and the Abominable Snowman game pieces!
- “Toy Story” star John Morris (the voice of Andy in all three films) tells us about his favorite “Toy Story” scene to celebrate the release of the “Ultimate Toy Box” collection
- A “D23’s Disney Geek” Vinylmation debuts to show off the Create Your Own Vinylmation line
- A brand new holiday ornament celebrating “The Lion King” on Broadway… And More!

Special Note: Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) fans will enjoy the portion of this episode where Dave Pacheco talks about the sculpting process of the upcoming Sally with Skeleton Tree from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Episode Fifteen can be viewed here:

Plus, this week there’s an online companion piece with additional details about each item including prices and where to find them. The Holiday Gift Guide can be viewed here!


Matthew said...

Fantastic segment about the WDCC and the "Nightmare" Sally & Tree piece.

Really cool addition to the collection and great to see Disney 23 recognizing this line!

Justin said...

I found this really interesting...more so the Classics part. I was trying to peek around the "Work Room" to see if there were any unreleased pieces there. I did see the recent releases on the shelves and what looked to be the legs of peter pan. Checking your site though, it seemed to be a piece where he is bending his knees and there has not been a piece portraying that pose. I may be totally off but if you just look closely it just might be :)

dopey926 said...

As Matthew said, it is great to see D23 recognizing
the WDCC line! The segment with Dave Pacheco explaining the start to finish process of making a sculpt was great!

I believe people forget what a tedious process it is to get these pieces to final product. It always makes me appreciate the line even more.

Here's my guesses on the "teasers" shown during the clip with Dave. I believe that one of the pieces is Louis from Princess & The Frog, which is going to be a GREAT piece if that is the case. Over Dave's shoulders you could see what appears to be Russell and Carl from Up! This is going to be a GREAT sculpt. I loved that movie, so I am very excited to see this piece! I also believe I saw something that resembled Lotso!

I'm not sure if I'm correct with my choices, but any and all of them would be great. Again, it is great to see the Classics get some well deserved recognition. Let's keep this going........

Justin said...

Wow! Great eyes Dopey926! I didn't even see those but now I am very excited :) It would be nice to get these kinds of teasers every now and then to help fuel anticipation for upcoming releases.

Gregory said...

I think of all the sneek peek pieces (if they were intended to be ) an UP piece was the most identifiable (at least by me). Guess time will tell.

I would love for us to have a Louis piece from the PatF. Fingers crossed.

Bob said...

What a great segment on WDCC! It was cool to see the WDCC "WAR ROOM" I think thats what Dave called it.
Just think of all the brainstorming that goes on in that room.
Would like to be a fly on the wall in there when discussions are going on.....LOL.

I really, really hope that is Louis from PATF, fingers crossed.
Thanks WDCC and Jeffery for keeping the WDCC juices flowing......

Babette said...

Definitely the Carl & Russell sculpt could be seen from UP. And yup, looks to be a new Peter Pan & Wendy too. I think the one that is Louis from PatF could also maybe be a Brer Bear from SotS...that one is hard to tell cause it looks like it might be a whiteware. And it did seem like a whiteware Lotso was on the top right shelf. So glad to see some Pixar pieces back in the line!!
Like that they had the new Robin Pieces and their whiteware shadows behind them also in the shot too. Very cute fun clip!

Duckman said...

Justin - I believe that is a upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy sculpture as Peter's legs are bent in a different direction that the Window Scene version of him and Wendy's posture is different than previous release versions. Being a big fan of that film, very curious in what this sculpture could be.

Toni - My heart skipped a beat when Dave's head moved and I caught glimpse of Carl's face! I was unable to see Russell, need to go back and rewatch the video (not that I haven't watched so many times already .. LOL!) I've SO wanted to see WDCC do something from Up, so couldn't be any more happier!

Was fun chatting with you last night watching the clip. Was unable to see Lotso and what could possibly be Louis until you pointed out where you saw them. Unsure if the one partial view is either Lotso or Brer Bear.

Greg & Bob - Like you, would love to see Louis done! ::fingers crossed::

Michelle - Need to watch again to catch Russell. I also like seeing the whiteware shadows with the Robin Hood pieces and the whiteware Tinker Bell. There looks to be something behind those as well.

To D23 - Thanks for such an AWESOME episode and giving the WDCC such awesome exposure! As others have said, loved the teaser segment of upcoming releases and look forward to more of these type of episodes in the future!

Justin said...

I did watch the beginning of Peter Pan. It seems like the piece could be when Wendy tries to give Peter a kiss (and Tink gets jealous).

Duckman said...

Thanks Justin!

I wonder if the sculpture will not only be Peter and Wendy but include Tink as well?