Thursday, August 26, 2010

WDCC 'Welcomes Back' Chip 'n Dale!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection proudly welcomes back our favorite mischievous chipmunks, Chip and Dale from the animated short, Working for Peanuts (1953). This delightful sculpture is back in-stock after their long vacation.

That nutty pair, Chip 'n Dale are busily gathering acorns when they discover a nut they have not encountered before, a peanut that will take some prying. Even though they sometimes try to outwit each otehr, these mischevious chipmunks know the value of teamwork, especially when it comes to sharing a tasty treat!

"Determined Duo" sculpted by Bruce Lau, an Open Edition release was released in October, 2005.

Pick up this clever pair now while supplies last!


Koen said...

I see this as a good sign! It gives me hope that the collection is getting back on track.

Duckman said...

Hey Koen,

How you been? Felt the same. Like you, hope this is a positive sign.

Another collector sent me the following update he received from his dealer via the WDCC rep:

4001830 Scrooge (with Window) & Daisy - all qty should arrive in late Nov first half Dec

4002128 Nightmare Devil - same as above

4002133 Nightmare Undersea Gal - same as above

4006678 NBC Sally with Tree - same as above

4007164 Scrooge with Cash Register - should arrive in Nov & early Dec

4007364 Jack Skellington (re-order) should arrive in late December/could hit January

4007940 Yzma (scheduled to start arriving at end of December into January

4008948 Pegasus Family (scheduled to start arriving at the end of Dec into January

4009299 Stitch (re-order) scheduled to arrive in mid-January

4015613 Lilo (same as above) Limited to 2010 year production - if you need this piece please don't wait to order - only a limited amount of pieces are being produced!

4010343 Dumbo scheduled to start arriving at end of December into January

4010539 Belle & Beast (re-order) NLE scheduled to arrive in January

4011632 Snow White w/ apple (re-order) scheduled to arrive in Feb

Enchanted Objects Miniatures (all 4 skus) scheduled to arrive in Jan

4014992 Jaq & Gus 60th, will begin arriving late Dec into January

4014995 Bambi & Thumper (same as above)

4015614 Cinderella and Prince scheduled to start arriving mid-Dec/late Dec into January

4015615 Brer Fox & Rabbit (same as above)