Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'It's A Small World' Celebrates Children of all Nations in recent ad!

It's been a crazy couple weeks with things taking top priority on both the work and homefront. As Thanksgiving approaches we are so thankful for the people in our lives, both family and friends. We've been truly blessed. All the tasks at hand are almost done and now it's time to put the finishing touches on our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World!

As we research and plan our trip, want to share some cool ads over the next couple days I came across while putting the finishing touches on our trip.

Disney Parks has released a really nice advertising video for the Christmas season of It's a Small World. Frankly, it's done with tenderness and it reproduces perfectly the childhood spirit of the attraction.

Thanks Greg!


Gregory said...

This is such a GREAT holiday video. I'm so in the holiday spirit after watching it!

Duckman said...

Hey Greg,

I truly enjoyed this video and as you said, it really gets you into the holiday spirit. Very well done!