Sunday, January 18, 2009

Disney Theme Parks Announce New Haunted Mansion Release!

In honor of the Haunted Mansion's upcoming 40th Anniversary, the Disneyland® Resort will be hosting a Haunted Mansion Event on 09-09-09.

The event will include the Walt Disney Classics Collection two-piece sculpture set of the Organ Player and Organ (click on image at left), presented in a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of only 500 pieces. Faithfully recreating this spirited musician and instrument from the famed ghost-bound abode attraction, Disney artists have referenced original attraction models and designs to bring to life the Organ Player and Organ sculpted by Dusty Horner.

Of the 5oo edition size, only 300 pieces will be on hand at the Disneyland
® Resort, the remaining quantity will be released at WALT DISNEY WORLD® Resort to be announced at a later date.

Additional information on the upcoming event, merchandise offerings,
package and itinerary offerings can be found at

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this most foreboding domain by making this spirit-bound musician part of your unearthly collection. For additional reading, be sure to check out an earlier blog entry, The History of the Haunted Mansion plus check out concept drawing of the Organ Player and Organ done by Ruben Procopio at his blog, Masked Avenger Studios.

I would like to thank Jason and Matthew for passing along this information. Thanks Guys!


Matthew said...

This is very cool!

Will want to try to get this piece.

Thanks to Dusty for a great job (as always)!

dopey926 said...

This is an amazing piece. WDCC has not disappointed with any of the new pieces in my opinion. The detail on this piece is incredible. A must for our collection! Hopefully we will be able to get.

Thanks to all at Enesco for a great start to 2009!

Behr said...

What an amazing piece, I can't wait to see the additional pieces from the HM. Thanks so much for letting us know Jason and Matthew and Don for pulling this together. I can't wait to get my hands on this piece!

Duckman said...

Matthew-Dusty continues to impress! He's hit another home run!

Toni-2009 is definitely off to a great start. There seems to be something for everyone in the selection thus far. Looking forward to the remaining quarters this year.

Geoffrey-Haven't gotten a sense if the rumored Haunted Mansion Series will be a reality or a single sculpt to simply honor the 40th Anniversary of the attraction. Will be interesting to see how well this sculpt does and their next step, if something further or not.

Jason S. said...

Totally agree with the comments regarding Dusty; he's done another outstanding job with this latest piece! The organ player looks downright spooky and a perfect denizen for the Haunted Mansion. Really liking the bat music stand and floating skulls as well.

As mentioned, hoping this is the start to the rumored HM series, but could depend on how well this release does. It's definitely on my must-have list!

Behr said...


Was just going off what I was told by a contact at WDW that there are 4 pieces planned for the series so still hoping. We shall see. Thanks!

Babette said...

Hey Jason...are you going to sign up for the HM event in order to get the piece?

Jason S. said...

Hey Michelle,

Yeah, as of right now, planning to sign up to attend. This piece and some of the other more-limited items being offered have caught my eye. Could be a fun Event with the Haunted Mansion and the Bride's search for a 6th husband serving as the backdrop.

It'd be great if a lot of us from the boards and blog could attend. Thinking, it'll be five years now since the last big Convention where so many of us got together.

Bob said...

WOW. I love this piece. As usual Dusty did a great job with it.Can't wait for the pieces to follow.Since we can't attend the event, I'm hoping we can pick one up in WDW.

WJ3 said...

Hi everyone! I've been waiting a long time for this piece & hopefully series! With all the attention the HM merchandise event at DL is getting, I'm hopeful for a very sucessful and popular HM series. Does anyone out there know of any other pieces in the pipeline?

Babette said...

Ruben posted the concept drawings for the HM piece on his blog at

I like the side view drawing showing the skulls flying out from the organ pipes.

Duckman said...

Hi WJ3,

Welcome to the Blog! There has been rumor of a Haunted Mansion Series but haven't heard anything concrete. To my knowledge, this is the only piece planned, at least at this time. Hope this helps.

Duckman said...

Thanks Babs!

Always nice to see Ruben's concept drawings. Updated the entry to include a direct link.

Matthew said...

Just received this from Walt Disney Event Services:

"A limited number of tickets for this event are available and these tickets will continue to be offered to Guests in order as names appear on our waitlist. This process is anticipated to be completed by Wednesday, February 11, 2009. With this in mind, for those Guests who may be waiting to request a refund until learning if another member of their party has received a ticket, we will honor refund requests if received by 11:59 PM Eastern time on Friday, February 13, 2009.

Thank you,
Merchandise Special Events"

Duckman said...

Thanks for the update Matthew!! Much appreciated.