Thursday, December 6, 2012

The New Fantasyland: Construction Continues

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We're wrapping up an awesome week in Walt Disney World today. Hard to believe we haven't been here since May, 2011 and when we were last here, Fantasyland was still intact and construction walls were up and work had begun on the New Fantasyland!

The lay of the land had really changed since that last visit. Snow White's Scary Adventure was gone, Dumbo the Flying Elephant had been moved, construction walls were still up in the center area. Toon Town was no more and now a new area called Storybook Circus. The Chalet near Peter Pan's Flight was gone and new construction was going there and Disney's latest heroine was now represented with the Tower from Tangled.

The area were the Tower is located was behind walls as they were constructing the new restroom area and once complete, work will began on Peter Pan's Flight, expanding the queu area into the area where the restrooms currently are.  Below are construction photos taken yesterday.

What a difference an hour makes.  Within an hour of the above photos being taken, the cupula was covered with roofing paper.

Not long after, while riding the Liberty Square Riverboat, I could see where roofing shingles were starting to be applied to the roof.

To the right of the construction you were given a glimpse of things to come as this new area will tie into the building where It's a Small World is located.

Looking forward to our next visit to see the end results!


Timon said...

Thanks for sharing all of these pictures! It's as if we were there with you! (It would have been better had we been there with you!)

Navyne said...

I agree Tim, it would have been really nice to have you there. I still remember your kindness at the convention is 2000 when I tore my meniscus & was limping around the convention.

Don you do take great pictures

Timon said...

Hi Navyne!!!

I think of you and the fun times we had! Thanks for dropping a note! Let's reconnect!

Duckman said...

Hi Tim,

It would have been awesome if you could have been with us! It's been non-stop work since returning home. Have a TON more pictures yet (you've been warned! .. lol) that I hope to post between now and Christmas of the fabulous holiday decorations throughout the parks and resorts and photos of the exciting new Fantasyland!

Duckman said...

Hi Navyne,

Thanks! I'm loving the camera on my iPhone 4s and the quality of photos I've taken with it.

It was so great to see you again after all these years and what a fun lunch at Whispering Canyon with you and Terry (Bud). Wish we had more time together. Was so much fun catching up and reminiscing!