Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking Back: Blue Fairy

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Some days its nice to just take in your collection and appreciate some of the older releases that we many times forget about.

One such piece is the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio.  The Blue Fairy has been represented twice in the line and this is my favorite of the two.  The sculpture captures the 1940's coloring and film effects in her face and features.  What really stands out is the use of opalescent paint that was used in her gown.  Notice how they've captured the translucent look of the sleeves on her gown and you can see her arms beneath the fabric just as you do in the film.  She is poised perfectly, ready to bring the little wooden boy to life.    

The Blue Fairy was the 1997 Fall Event featured sculpture.  At that time, the events ran for a period of time vs. the same day or event weekends as we know them now.  The 1997 Fall Event period ran from 09/20/97 - 11/15/97.

"Making Dreams Come True" was sculpted by Kent Melton.  Gift with Purchase included an Official Conscience Pin and Blue Fairy & Pinocchio Litho.  In addition, depending where you purchased your sculpture, there were other event gifts available.

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