Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The '20th Anniversary' Sculpture has Sold Out!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection announced the Sold Out status of Mickey Mouse and the Field Mouse sculpture ("It All Started With a Field Mouse").

In honor of its 20th Anniversary, the Walt Disney Classics Collection presented this specially designed sculpture featuring Mickey Mouse cheerfully contemplating a replica of the famed Field Mouse sculpture (first Walt Disney Classics Collection release in 1992). 

A highly sought-after collectors item, the Field Mouse (from the 1942 animated classic Bambi) has come to symbolize the exacting animation principles and beautiful artistry of the Walt Disney Classics Collection. 

Sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons, the sculpture is plussed with pewter leaves and a delicately detailed bronze miniature Field Mouse is Limited to Production Year 2012.


Timon said...

As wonderful at this piece is, I'm not surprised that it's sold out. I'm glad mine is on its way this week!

andrew fields said...

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Chris Gilman Medford

Mark Stephens said...

I miss having a local dealer of the WDCC line. I loved to see all the new figures and then decide on a purchase. I have yet to see this guy in person.

Duckman said...

Hi Mark,

Miss the days too of having a dealer nearby to be able to go see in person.

This is a great sculpt in person. Really like the attention to detail in replicating the Field Mouse in such a smaller scale. Just recently returned from CA and didn't see this one at either park or Downtown Disney.

andrew fields said...

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Chris Gilman Medford

andrew fields said...

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Chris Gilman Medford