Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Airborne Amigos

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Those Three Happy Chappies have Landed!  For me, it was fun following their journey, awaiting in anticipation their arrival.  From hitting the shores of the U.S. (after being at sea for approximately 45 days) to arriving at the warehouse, then being shipped to retailers and finally descending to land on my front porch!

This was a sculpture I've campaigned for many years and not only appreciate WDCC/Enesco putting up with my constant 'reminders' but following through with such an amazing sculpture!  The sculpture captures the brilliance, emotion and bold (and vivid) colors of the film.  I am personally pleased that they went with the serape as the base for the sculpture and gave the sculpture such a sense of motion.

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Something I didn't pick up in the photos was how Panchito was painted. I like that they went with a shinier finish on his clothes and a more matte finish on his body.  It makes his jacket and trousers really stand out.  

Plussed with pewter spurs on Panchito and a pewter ribbon on Donald’s hat, this muy grande sculpture embodies the fun and fiesta spirit of this animated carnivale of animated delights.
"Airborne Amigos' sculpted by Bruce Lau is a Numbered Limited Editioin (NLE) of 500 and one sculpture I've wanted to see done for many, many years ... Thanks WDCC!!!!

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Matthew said...

I'm so glad that they did this piece. It's so happy and fun!
It's been a long time since I've seen segments from the film, so for me this piece is a memory of the wonderful early Walt Disney World (and then Tokyo Disneyland) attraction "The Mickey Mouse Revue"... It was my favorite Magic Kingdom attraction, and the Three Caballeros sang their song and bounced all over the theater during it. This piece brings back all the wonderful memories of that show.
It's so well done and the colors are wonderful! The opening title really completes this scene. (Yay for Opening Titles!)
Thank you WDCC for this piece! You're really hitting the ball out of the park with every release this year!

Matthew said...

Great photos, Don!

Duckman said...

Thanks Matthew! Much Appreciated!

Have always been a fan of film, which introduced me to Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. Seeing the animatronics last May at Destination D (, how I wish I could have seen that show!

I have the original scene but had always hoped (and strongly campaigned) to see them done on the carpet. The original scene makes me think of the movie, this newest sculpt makes me think of Epcot.

Can't thank WDCC enough for doing this sculpt!

Chadwick Land said...

Your blog convinced me to get this one. Always nice to see Donald hanging out with other Disney characters besides the Fab Five or the Ducktales gang. I also like the Epcot connection. Reviews are a great tool when one is "on the fence" about a piece. Did you get Scrooge from this year’s line. The rich coloring and detailed sculpt were a nice addition to my Scrooge obsession.

jmbunkyjr said...

Don I'm so glad u finally got ur caballeros piece that u always wanted! U must be sooooo excited!

Duckman said...

Hi Chad,

Hope you're as happy with the piece when it arrives as I was with mine. Am such a fan of the film and Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles and there really isn't much merchandise out there with them so was glad when they announced this sculpture.

This sculpture definitely has me thinking of Epcot more than the film but that's not a bad thing, right? :)

Am also a Scrooge fan and really like this year's Classic Comics Series release but lack of space, had to pass on him. From the photos, he looks really well done.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts once your Caballeros sculpt arrives.

Hi Jimi,

Thanks! Beyond excited .. LOL!

Chadwick Land said...

I'm very glad I went ahead and added it to my collection. Like the last Peter and Wendy piece, the proportions and "weight" of each character capture the energy of the specific scene. The size is also managable but makes a statement.

Duckman said...

Hi Chad,

Glad to hear that yours arrived and you're pleased with it. I like the scale of this sculpt, as it worked perfect in my display cabinet. Any larger, may have created a problem.

Over the weekend, I elevated mine with a crystal base and really like the sense of flight it gave the sculpture.